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Xinyang Baihua Exhibition Center

Address:111 Xinqi Avenue, Pingqiao District, Xinyang City
Location:China-Henan Province-Xinyang City-Pingqiao District


Xinyang Baihua exhibition is a multi-functional large-scale intelligent exhibition place integrating conference, exhibition, cultural and entertainment activities and reception. There are 6 indoor exhibition halls without pillars, 1 boutique exhibition hall and 2 multi-functional halls, with an indoor area of 40000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 112000 square meters. Its shape is a beautiful rainbow, which shows the red history and vigorous development of Xinyang old area; the building is on the first floor of the front hall, the second floor of the back hall, and the third floor of the middle hall, which means that Xinyang's various undertakings are getting higher and higher; the wall is a transparent glass curtain wall, which means that Xinyang's government and people are harmonious. With convenient transportation and beautiful environment, it is another large-scale exhibition center after Zhengzhou. The glass curtain wall it uses is also the best in the province, not only has a good perspective effect, but also has the characteristics of energy saving, making the exhibition center a modern building with scientific and technological content.




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