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2022 the 6th China (Taishan) international mining equipment and Technology Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2022/08/31 - 09/02 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Tai'an · Shandong Taishan Exhibition Center ChinaShandongTaian 687 Taishan street, Taishan District
Sponsor:China Coal Machinery Industry Association
Organizer:Taian Municipal People's government, Shandong Council for the promotion of international trade, Shandong Energy Bureau, Shandong energy group, Shandong University of science and technology
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China (Taishan) international mining equipment and Technology Expo is supported by China Council for the promotion of trade and China Coal Industry Association, sponsored by China Coal Machinery Industry Association, jointly organized by Tai'an Municipal People's government, Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department, Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau, Shandong Provincial Council for the promotion of international trade, Shandong energy group, Yankuang Group and Shandong University of science and technology Carbon Machinery Industry Association, Tai'an Council for the promotion of international trade (Exhibition Office), Tai'an Energy Bureau, Tai'an media group and Shandong Zhibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

With the theme of "intelligent mining gathering in Taishan, technology and intelligent manufacturing leading the future", the conference has been successfully held for five times in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. It will be held every two years after 2016. The scale and level, internationalization level, influence and popularity of the exhibition have been steadily improved. The last exhibition was held in Taishan International Exhibition from August 31 to September 2, 2020 The exhibition covers an area of 30000 square meters. Shandong University of science and technology, Shandong energy heavy equipment group, XCMG group, Shanghai company of China coal technology and industry group, Yankuang East China heavy industry group, Shandong mining machinery group, Shenyang North Communications heavy industry group, Xishan coal power group, Jiuyi international investment, mining group of shanneng group, Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Datong Coal Group, Huainan group, etc 357 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including South Mining Group, Xinji group, Huaibei Mining Group, Jikuang group and Zhengmei group, attended the exhibition. The exhibition focused on the application and promotion of intelligent technology, 5g communication, green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, circular economy and other latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of mining equipment manufacturing and mining management, and built a broad platform for technical exchange and cooperation development.

During the exhibition, a variety of supporting activities will be held, and top-ranking mining management experts, technical experts, entrepreneurs and economists in China will be invited to hold high-level forums and cutting-edge technology seminars to study the changes of China's energy pattern under the new economic normal, the transformation and upgrading of mining industry, the transformation of old and new industries, equipment financing and leasing, and sustainable development This paper discusses the new ideas and new models of scientific development in mining industry.

2022 China (Taishan) international mining equipment and technology exhibition will be held in Taishan International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 31 to September 2, 2022. Enterprises at home and abroad are warmly welcome to attend the exhibition!


1. Underground mining technology and equipment: mining equipment, drilling and rock drilling equipment, loading equipment, continuous mining machine, anchor machine, roadway support equipment and supporting facilities, transportation equipment, hydraulic support, single pillar, excavator, loader, underground mining vehicle, mining dump vehicle, lifting equipment, support carrier, shuttle car, explosion-proof electric drive car, trackless rubber tyred car drilling and blasting Construction machinery, etc

2. Open pit mining equipment: excavators, electric shovels, mining trucks, loaders, dump trucks, drills, dumpers, bucket wheel excavators

3. Intelligent construction equipment: coal mine intelligent unmanned mining, intelligent mine construction, coal mine informatization, digitization, coal Internet of things application, electronic trading platform and terminal application app, automation technology and equipment display, etc

4. Mechanical and electrical safety: underground power supply system, explosion-proof motor, switch, automatic control, ventilation equipment, drainage equipment, safety monitoring and monitoring, rescue equipment, power station, electrical components, pump station, cable, mine life-saving cabin, mine safety protection, explosion-proof products, emergency facilities and pipelines, fire-fighting, general equipment, etc

5. Mineral processing equipment and processing utilization: flotation equipment, magnetic separation equipment, coal washing, jigger, banana plug, filter press, centrifuge gravity mineral processing equipment, electric separation equipment, classification equipment, concentration equipment, filtration equipment, mineral processing reagent
Other mining chemicals, coal chemical industry, coal to oil, clean coal technology, etc

6. Spare parts trade: equipment spare parts, design, consulting, mining construction, survey, drilling equipment, equipment maintenance, equipment leasing, agency, occupational health, remote control, bearing, sealing, hydraulic components, technical services and others

7. Geological (mine) exploration technology and equipment: geophysical exploration technology, geochemical exploration technology, aerial remote sensing technology, surveying and mapping technology, geological data processing, mineral product analysis, laboratory instruments, etc

8. Mineral processing equipment: crushing equipment, screening equipment, mine grinding equipment, conveying equipment (hydraulic transmission equipment), etc

9. Mining enterprise image display: large energy enterprise image and achievement display, large investment and financing enterprise, service energy enterprise image display, metal mineral products, non-metal mineral products, mineral product trade, mine planning, engineering design, construction unit, mining right transaction, mining right investment and financing, government and industry institutions, finance, colleges and universities, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy and new energy Materials, coal storage and logistics, etc

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