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2021 the 15th China (Shandong) international sugar, wine and Food Fair
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/11/19 - 11/21 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jinan · Shandong Shandong International Exhibition Center ChinaShandongJinan Intersection of 2nd Ring West Road and Rizhao Road
Sponsor:Jinan Municipal People's Government
Organizer:Jinan Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce
Co-organizer:Jinan Food Industry Association, Shandong International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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China (Shandong) international sugar, wine and Food Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong international sugar, wine and food fair") was founded in 2006 and held once a year. With the purpose of "based in Shandong, facing the international and serving the industry", the exhibition adopts the mode of "government guidance + market-oriented operation", which is a large-scale brand exhibition jointly cultivated by local municipal governments (departments), industry associations, exhibition institutions and enterprises. Relying on the good market advantages and industrial foundation of Shandong Province, after 14 years of continuous development, Shandong International Sugar and Wine Fair is becoming more and more mature and perfect in the aspects of exhibitor invitation, audience organization, supporting services, personalized services, etc. the influence of the fair is at the leading level in China. It has a good reputation of "more than three" in the industry, with "more exhibitors, more visitors, more exhibition benefits" It is one of the most influential brand industry events in northern China. In recent years, Shandong International Sugar and Wine Fair has continuously expanded its plate, expanded its scale, increased its customers year by year, and improved its influence. It has been widely recognized and praised by many exhibitors, sales agents (platforms), consumer groups and industry people.
The 15th Shandong International Sugar and Wine Fair in 2021 is mainly divided into "exhibition, conference forum and characteristic activities". As a stage for enterprises to display their brands, to capture business opportunities and to develop sales markets, the organizing committee will focus more on the promotion and innovation of "branding, specialization and internationalization", which will play an irreplaceable role in consolidating the market, shaping the brand image and broadening sales channels, It is a necessary platform for domestic distributors, wholesalers, channels and other commercial and circulation organizations to negotiate trade, seek business opportunities, and prepare goods on New Year's day and Spring Festival


(1) Exhibition area: national and domestic city exhibition area.
(2) Wine exhibition area: wine and international spirits zone, liquor, yellow rice wine, liqueur, domestic fruit liqueur (except wine), beer and other traditional liquors.
(3) Food and Beverage Exhibition Area: all kinds of leisure food, drinks, dairy products, meat products, cereals and oils, condiments, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and other comprehensive food.
(4) Food machinery exhibition area: all kinds of packaging design, food processing machinery area, refrigeration equipment area, filling machinery equipment area and other food packaging machinery.
(5) Comprehensive characteristic areas: catering materials, self heating hot pot, geographical landmarks, targeted poverty alleviation, old wine collection, franchise chain and other comprehensive characteristic areas.

Costs & Precautions





Bare land



The organizing committee provides space for exhibitors, who can design, build and configure their own items,11month15A few days ago, the construction drawing was provided to the organizing committee, which can be built after successful audit.

Standard variation



配置:标展基础上增?2.4M*1MAdvertising space, including advertising space picture production.

Title Sponsor

According to the needs of enterprises, the organizing committee provides customized Exhibition Scheme for the exhibitors.

matters needing attention
Exhibition process
Apply for booth → submit materials → confirm booth → financial remittance → prepare for exhibition → participate on time

the measure of area: 50000 square meters


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