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2021 first Huaihai Economic Zone intelligent + educational equipment exhibition
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Time: 2021/09/25 - 09/27 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Xuzhou · Jiangsu ChinaJiangsu ProvinceXuzhou Huaihai International Exhibition Center
Sponsor:Xuzhou Municipal People's Government
Organizer:Xuzhou Education Bureau, Linyi Education Bureau, Jining Education Bureau, Heze Education Bureau, Lianyungang Education Bureau, Suqian Education Bureau, Shangqiu Education Bureau, Suzhou Education Bure...
Co-organizer:Xuzhou educational technology equipment center
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the spirit of documents such as the development plan of new generation of artificial intelligence, China education modernization 2035, and education informatization 2.0 action plan, display and promote the innovative application of new generation of information technology in intelligent teaching, such as artificial intelligence, 5g +, big data, Internet of things, and virtual reality, and promote the teaching concept, teaching mode and practice In order to meet the needs of training high-quality talents in the new era, the teaching content should be reformed. After research, it is decided to hold the first Huaihai Economic Zone intelligent + educational equipment exhibition and intelligent classroom Summit Forum. This conference is hosted by Xuzhou municipal government and undertaken by Huaihai Economic Zone educational equipment alliance. It aims to give play to the radiation ability of Xuzhou central city, promote the balanced development of education modernization in Huaihai Economic Zone, and work together to build a new mechanism of regional collaborative development.

Main contents of the Forum
1. Smart campus construction and technology application in the new era
2. Forum on innovation and development of experimental teaching in the age of intelligence
3. Training class for educational equipment management cadres in Huaihai Economic Zone
4. Huaihai Economic Zone President Information Leadership Forum
5. Forum on the construction and development of smart libraries in primary and secondary schools
6. School health Lighting Forum


1. Exhibition area of Innovative Discipline Construction

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, steam / stem education and curriculum, maker education and curriculum, intelligent programming education robot, computer virtual simulation laboratory, 3D printing equipment and application, science and technology experience Museum, weather station, digital calligraphy / Art / music / geography / Psychology / ceramics and other innovative classrooms

2. Intelligent + campus equipment exhibition area

Smart campus network platform and solutions, smart campus management and control system and solutions, smart education evaluation system, smart classroom, interactive classroom, Internet of things and big data applications, campus audio-visual broadcasting network system, Internet of things smart education ecological environment, smart education resource platform, desktop cloud technology, virtual studio, campus TV station, intelligent wearable products, multimedia Volume projection and display solutions, intelligent computer room, network security equipment, etc.

3. Smart Library Exhibition Area

Cloud library system, digital library support system (hardware, software, database, search engine), digital library application platform, various software tools, digital resource products, library application equipment, campus library cultural products, etc.

4. Preschool interactive equipment exhibition area

Intelligent products and courses for preschool education, game based curriculum construction, educational toys, children's safety, site construction and environmental design

5. Exhibition area of classroom overall scheme

Full eye care smart campus lighting products, desks and chairs, intelligent blackboard, campus energy-saving facilities and construction scheme, safe campus construction and overall solutions, art and education equipment and innovative sports equipment, campus logistics equipment.

6. Special school uniform exhibition area

The school uniforms of kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school (including vocational high school) are spring and autumn, summer and winter. The styles include uniforms, leisure clothes, sports clothes, etc.; campus costumes such as students' shoes and socks, schoolbags, bow ties, etc.; logistics items such as quilts on the bed; new safety and environmental protection school uniform fabrics, school emblem accessories, etc. to show the school uniform with unique campus cultural characteristics.

Costs & Precautions

Ordinary booth: 4800 yuan / 9 M2
Ordinary booths are arranged by the organizing committee.
The principle of booth arrangement is as follows:
① According to the exhibitor's choice of product division;
② The number of booth reserved by the exhibitor;
③ The same number of booths will be based on the order of registration and payment (according to the bank remittance voucher).
Optional booth: 5800 yuan / 9 M2 (from 36 m2)
Exhibitors can choose their own booth location according to the requirements of the Organizing Committee and the booth map, and confirm that the order of payment is subject to the order of payment. In the same case, the order of payment is determined by drawing lots.
Booth in entrance area: 6800 yuan / 9 M2 (from 72 m2)
There are 6 places at the entrance of the exhibition hall, which are arranged according to the order of registration.


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