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Mongolia International Mining Exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Time: 2019/04/10 - 04/12 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Mongolia AsiaMongolia Ulaanbaatar Sports Center
Sponsor:Beijing Zhonghe International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Brief introduction: Mongolia International Mining Exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of mineral resources and energy of Mongolia, Mongolia national competitiveness Association, Mongolia mining club and minex Co., Ltd. and is held in Ulaanbaatar Sports Center in April every year. The theme is "mining cooperation group - key to national economic prosperity". With the recent unveiling of some of the largest mineral deposits in Mongolia, financial markets and mining in Mongolia are developing rapidly all over the world. There is an increasing demand for better meeting and business discussion platforms for suppliers and buyers. In order to build itself into a major mineral exploration / mining trade project, Mongolia Mining Expo provides valuable cooperation opportunities for shareholders in all industries. Mongolia Mining Expo will be divided into indoor booth and outdoor equipment venue to display products, and an outdoor venue with a total area of 2000 square meters for the exhibition of heavy machinery and equipment, with a total area of more than 4000 square meters, and will also provide exhibitors with the opportunity to display products on the main stage of the hall. Mongolia mining is the most important exhibition of mining industry in Mongolia. It provides the best platform for potential customers, suppliers, trade partners to meet and cooperate, develop opportunities to cooperate with international and local mining enterprises, understand the latest development of global mining technology, meet the needs of industry experts to learn experience from mining leaders, and find favorable investment opportunities.
Previous review: in 2018, there are exhibitors from Mongolia, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Australia, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and China. China is the largest international exhibitor in 2017 The exhibition group includes 35 Chinese enterprises, including Liming heavy industry, Wuxi zhongzui, Shanghai Shibang, Shaanqi, Zhengzhou Vico, Heishan road and bridge, Dow Chemical and so on. They represent the highest level of China's mining industry. The large scale of China's exhibition group has become the most beautiful scenery of 2017 Mongolia mining exhibition, and also shows the strength and image of China's mining manufacturing industry. Mongolian state television and other media have made a comprehensive report on the exhibition and specially interviewed Chinese enterprises. Our company has also set up a service booth at the exhibition in Mongolia and received interviews from local media. As the general agent of the exhibition in mainland China, Zhonghe international has won the praise of the Organizing Committee of Mongolia and signed the general representative agreement of mainland China in 2018 with our company by virtue of years of organizing experience and high-quality professional services. For 7 consecutive years, as the general representative of China, Chinese enterprises have been organized to participate and visit Mongolia.
Market background: in Mongolia, private gold miners are called "Warriors" because they always carry the green pan used to screen gold and wander in the Gobi desert. In their view, anyone can exploit the wealth under the country. As a neighbor of our country, Mongolia is rich in underground resources. More than 80 kinds of minerals, such as coal, copper, gold, silver and iron, have been explored, and there are the largest rare earth minerals. The reserves of oil, natural gas, gold and copper are among the top ten in the world. Among them, there are more than 250 coal mines with a reserve of about 50-152 billion tons. At present, 13 international companies, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, have invested in Mongolia. In January 1997, when Mongolia joined the world trade organization, its industrial system has not been established. Its main industries are mining and animal husbandry. Its main import commodities include oil and fuel products, machinery and equipment, construction materials, etc. Because of its abundant mineral resources, the government of Mongolia pays more and more attention to the development of mineral industry and brings favorable policies. In recent years, Mongolia has vigorously introduced China's mining equipment and technology, making the Mongolian market the most popular market for Chinese enterprises.

Scope of exhibits
Scope of exhibits: 1. Geological exploration organization, machinery and equipment company, geological exploration equipment: geophysical exploration instrument, chemical exploration instrument, aerial remote sensing equipment, surveying and mapping equipment, geological data processing equipment, laboratory analytical instrument, instrument 2. Mining equipment: coal development and processing equipment, mining equipment, loading equipment, transportation equipment, lifting equipment, blasting equipment, construction machinery, pipeline Equipment 3. Mineral processing: crushing and grinding equipment, mining screening equipment, washing equipment, refining equipment, metallurgical technology, mineral recycling 4. Safety and environmental protection: ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, protection equipment, mining machinery and equipment; scraper, transport vehicle (crane, conveyor belt, underground loader and truck, mine electric locomotive); underground mining and collection technology, open pit Port technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (compressor, diesel generator, underground fuel dispenser, transportation equipment, rock crusher); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond cutting tools; process equipment; mining engineering ventilation; drilling technology and explosive materials; all kinds of engineering machinery, mining machinery and technology. Mineral processing, refining and metallurgical equipment, mine transportation and logistics equipment, related construction machinery, etc.
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