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All energy Australia 2019
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2019/10/04 - 10/07 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Oceania Australia OceaniaAustralia Melbourne
Sponsor:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd


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China organizer:
Australia energy show is one of the largest renewable energy shows in Australia. From 2015, all energy Australia International Energy Exhibition and clean energy week will be merged into all energy Australia Australia Energy Exhibition, which will be exhibited in Melbourne, Australia in October every year. AEE will be held at the modern convention and Exhibition Center in Melbourne, Australia, with strong support from the Victorian government and hosted by AEE. The exhibition is hosted by reed Australia, which is a sister exhibition of the British International Energy Exhibition. It is held in Glasgow, UK and Melbourne, Australia in May and October of each year. The theme of the exhibition is clean and renewable energy. Exhibit various forms of clean and renewable energy, including solar energy, wind energy, wave tide energy, clean coal, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency. AEE is a professional event dedicated to clean and renewable energy in all forms in Asia Pacific region. It brings together many professional buyers and sellers in the energy industry. Renewable energy is an important part of Australia's low emission energy structure, which is very important for Australia's energy security and reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. The Australian government has been supporting the development of the renewable energy industry, helping to reduce barriers to the national electricity market and providing social access to renewable energy. Australia is rich in energy development potential. It has the advantage of wave tide energy development in coastal areas. The inland is sunny and can make good use of solar energy. In addition, a large number of mining development makes clean energy very important.
Scope of exhibits: Lighting: LED lights, outdoor lighting, place lighting, tunnel lighting, industrial and commercial lights, building lights, special lighting, emergency lighting, switch system, lighting protection, outdoor lighting, lighting equipment, lighting accessories, etc. Power: power station equipment, substation equipment, power transmission equipment, high and low voltage electrical switches, power distribution devices, electronic control devices, power control system testing equipment, cable and wire materials, cable control equipment, generator sets and related equipment, capacitors, electronic equipment, industrial electronics, Industrial Relays, inverters, junction boxes, etc.
Series of batteries: lithium-ion battery, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, lead-acid battery, air battery, super capacitor, sodium sulfur battery, liquid flow battery, lithium primary battery, zinc manganese battery, alkali manganese battery, zinc nickel battery, zinc silver battery, thermal battery, fuel cell, semiconductor thermoelectric module and other new batteries; various energy storage batteries: wind power generation, solar energy Energy storage batteries for power generation, wind solar complementary system, solar street lamp, lawn lamp, landscape lamp, traffic signal lamp and other products; new and renewable energy: solar energy device, wind power generation, energy consumption monitoring and service, energy measurement, environment, environmental consultation, environmental research, power and wind power device, recycling system (solid, liquid, steam), tidal energy, production Material and fuel, etc. Electric bicycles: electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric tricycles, electric motorcycles, electric walking aid vehicles, electric vehicles, electric golf cars, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric battery vehicles, patrol vehicles and other special electric vehicles, fuel powered vehicles, etc.; power batteries and management systems: electric tools, electric bicycles, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles and other uses TPV battery and battery management system; solar cells, systems and application products: silicon solar cells and materials; thin film solar cells and materials; transparent packaging materials of solar cells; production equipment and testing equipment of solar cells and components; solar street lights, lawn lights, traffic indicator lights, etc.; solar charger; user photovoltaic power supply, grid connected photovoltaic system and photovoltaic transmission and distribution Electrical materials; wind power and photovoltaic power complementary system; inverter; measurement and control system; solar system control software;


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