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Official announcement: 2024 Chengdu International Pressure Vessel Exhibition

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Official announcement: 2024 Chengdu International Pressure Vessel Exhibition......


2024 China (Chengdu) International Pressure Vessel Exhibition

Time: May 23-25, 2024 Location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizational structure

Inviting unit: China Special Equipment Inspection Association

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Sichuan Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

Sichuan Chemical Industry Association

Sichuan Petroleum Society

National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee

Chengdu Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Research Institute

Organizer: Duande Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Pressure vessels are a type of special equipment widely used in industrial production and people's daily lives In recent years, China's special equipment industry has maintained rapid development As an important infrastructure for economic construction and people's lives, the total amount of special equipment has grown by more than 10% annually, and the variability is increasing The distribution is becoming increasingly widespread According to statistical data from 2015, the total number of special equipment in use nationwide is 4.033 million sets, 130 million gas cylinders, and 277000 kilometers of pressure pipelines There are more than 50000 certified designs, manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance, and filling enterprises, with an annual export of 35000 sets of equipment and 4.164 million gas cylinders The industry's output value exceeds 300 billion yuan Especially in recent years, the country has Vigorously advocated the construction of a resource saving and environmentally friendly society, further promoting energy conservation and emission reduction work, phasing out updated production equipment, achieving fast and good economic and social development, and proposing a series of new requirements for building a model proposal society. y, such as safe development, clean development, and economic development These new situations and tasks have put forward higher requirements for the safety of special equipment, bringing new development opportunities to the pressure vessel industry The industry has one technological innovation, with a large number of new materials, technologies, achievements, and variables consistently emerging, and is developing towards large scale, high parameters, low energy consumption, low emissions, more efficiency, and more humanized directions The special equipment industry is playing an increasingly important role in China's equipment manufacturing industry and even the entire national economy

This exhibition aims to create an effective platform for technology exchange, cooperative development, and market expansion for industry enterprises and peers at home and abroad, with pressure vessel technology as the main body, combined with the radiation power of Beijing, the capacity of the Chinese market, and the market demand of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

Exhibition advantages

※ Scale advantage, meeting new distributors and buyers - sponsored by industry authoritative associations, providing strong guarantees for the actual exhibition effect of exhibitors This exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 28000 square meters, with over 32000 attendees It options a strong global investment promotion model, integrated resource databases, and focuses on inviting relevant industry users to visit and negotiate

※ Seamless integration, one on one invitation of transactions - with strong support from the government and associations, professional market oriented operations, and sharing of high quality transactions, we will promote and report on relevant radio stations, media, and websites nationwide, and regularly arrange news releases to track and report on the full process of the exhibition Professional purchasers involved in this exhibition field will directly introduce us to the exhibition site for procurement negotiations

※ Expand the market and consolidate existing market share - Enjoy comprehensive online and offline promotion throughout the year with one exhibition, covering new media methods such as websites, magazines, newspapers, mobile newspapers, Weibo, WeChat, etc. Multiple enterprises can be achieved with one exhibition Keeping up with the latest market developments, sharing interactions, and expecting audiences from over 23 countries and regions around the world, arranging one on one meetings and negotiations is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your products

High level concurrent activities and in depth value added services - publish or listen to industry oriented market trends, cutting edge technology and other hot topics through authoritative forums Advanced technology and innovation topics, procurement topics, circulation and after sales market topics, negotiations, and dialogue activities are rich and colorful, advancing exhibitors and buyers with a wide range of in depth value added services

[Exhibition Scope]

Pressure vessel: Steel pressure vessel; 1. Class II and III high, medium, and low pressure vessels, used for pressure vessels in metal, petrochemicals, food, printing and dying, environmental protection, aerospace, and other industries; Glass lined stainless steel pressure vessels and non ferrous metal pressure vessels; Non metallic pressure vessels: graphite, fiberglass, all plastic pressure vessels; Various types of storage tanks, tank trucks, gas cylinders, and related supporting products;

◆ Boilers: supercritical boilers, CFB boilers, variable waste heat boilers, coal water sludge boilers, variable biomass fuel boilers, garbage incinerators, thermal storage electric boilers, condensing boilers, oil/gas/coal fired boilers, thermal conductivity boilers, household boilers, wall mounted boilers, etc;

◆ Various types of storage tanks and related supporting equipment: non metallic pressure vessels: graphite, fiberglass, all plastic pressure vessels; Gas cylinders: seamless gas cylinders, welded gas cylinders, limited petroleum gas steel cylinders, dissolved acetylene gas cylinders, automotive gas cylinders, low performance insulated gas cylinders, wrapped gas cylinders, non refillable gas cylinders, special gas cylinders, and safety equipment, etc;

◆ Mobile pressure vessels: railway tank cars, mobile tank cars, long pipe trailers, tank containers, tank cars;

Pressure pipelines: oil and gas pipelines, gas pipelines, thermal pipelines, process pipelines, power pipelines, transformation pipelines, seamless steel pipelines, welded steel pipelines, non ferrous metal pipelines, cast iron pipelines, non metallic materials;

◆ Supporting and safety devices: heads, forks, expansion joints, pumps, safety valves, found tubes, flanges, self-control equipment, intelligent control systems and software, temperature, pressure, flow control and adjustment equipment, instruments and meters, variable new pipes, fittings and joints, safety devices, alarm devices, heat exchange pipes, heat dissipation location pipes, copper and aluminum sleeves, steel pipe strings, gaps, seals, cleaning equipment, etc;

◆ Manufacturing specialized equipment: variant welding equipment, rolling machines, pipe end forming machines, top heading CNC pipe bending machines, variant chamfering machines, sandblasting devices, tank type electric grinding devices, electric roller frames, trolley type heat treatment furnaces, pipe bending machines, variant flare detection equipment, testing machines

Raw materials: variable specifications of boiler pipes, pressure vessels, pressure steel pipes for pipelines, medium and thick plates, profiles, fine pipes of variable thickness, as well as special steel materials suitable for high temperature and high pressure;

◆ Non destructive testing and physical and chemical testing: ultrasonic testing, radiological testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, penetration testing, leakage testing, other testing, industrial machine vision testing, other testing equipment, physical testing and material testing machines, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, measurement and testing Technology, measuring instruments, mechanical metrology, thermal metrology, etc

Exhibition Schedule

Registration and exhibition setup: May 21-22, 2024
Official Exhibition: May 23-25, 2024

Dismantling: May 25th, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Exhibition fees

Booth Type Standard Booth Double Opening Booth Indoor Light Floor (Starting from 36 ㎡) Overseas Enterprises

Exhibition fee of ¥ 15000/9 ㎡ ¥ 16000/9 ㎡ ¥ 1600/㎡ $4000/9 ㎡

Note 1: Basic equipment for standard booths: (length 3 meters x width 3 meters x height 2.5 meters), three side fence (white), company Chinese and English lintel, one power socket (less than 500W), two fluorescent lamps, one consultation desk, two folding chairs, cart, trash bin, etc

Note 2: The vacuum booth does not come with any facilities and is designed and decorated by the exhibitor themselves or commissioned for design and decoration

Organizing Committee of the 2024 China (Chengdu) International Pressure Vessel Exhibition

Contact person: Mr. Xu 187 1786 8938


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