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The 21st China International Gas Technology, equipment and Application Exhibition 2019
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2019/09/19 - 09/20 (Thur To Fri Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Hangzhou · Zhejiang Hangzhou International Expo Center No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Sponsor:Beijing yaaite Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing yaaite Exhibition Co., Ltd


China International Gas Technology, equipment and Application Exhibition (Ig, China) is a grand event in the field of international gas industry. In recent years, it has developed into a quite large-scale and authoritative exhibition in China and even in the world. Ig and China have been held since 1999, which has lasted for 20 years and gradually formed the following highlights:

◆ professional organization - founded by Beijing yaaite Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 1999, and officially registered the trademark of Ig (industrial gas) exhibition in 2001. The exhibition is strongly supported by gas associations of major countries and regions in the world and gas industry associations of provinces and cities in China. Ig, China is a well-known exhibition in China's gas industry. Any unauthorized use of this trademark by any unit is an infringement!
◆ strong buyer group - during each exhibition, it will attract a large international buyer group organized by more than ten international brotherhood associations, such as Indian industrial gas Manufacturers Association, Korean high pressure gas collaborative Association and Ukrainian Industrial Gas Association; at the same time, the domestic buyer group of nearly 1000 people organized by gas industry associations of all provinces and cities in China will also grow year by year. Each year, the organizing committee will directly invite relevant buyers from home and abroad to attend the exhibition through direct investment, email, telephone, wechat and other ways.
◆ comprehensive media publicity - Ig and China publicize and report the exhibition in all aspects through relevant websites at home and abroad, newspapers, magazines, wechat, new media platforms, etc.
◆ the most informative Gas Forum - industry experts and enterprise representatives from China and abroad will share and discuss the latest technical information, market information and forecast the industry development trend with you at the China Gas Forum.


1. Gas equipment, system and technology
1.1 air separation equipment and technology, oxygen generation equipment and nitrogen generation equipment;
1.2 PSA equipment and technology;
1.3 membrane separation equipment and technology, gas purification equipment and technology;
1.4 hydrogen production equipment and technology; 1.5 carbon dioxide equipment and technology;
1.6 equipment and technology for dissolving acetylene gas;
1.7 other industrial gas production equipment and technology;
1.8 rare gas production technology, equipment and recovery technology;
1.9 mixing gas, standard gas preparation cabinet and preparation technology;
1.10 gas purification equipment; 1.11 liquefied natural gas equipment and technology.
2. Auxiliary equipment and materials of gas
2.1 air compressor, oxygen compressor, hydrogen compressor, nitrogen compressor, carbon dioxide compressor and acetylene compressor;
2.2 diaphragm compressor;
2.3 (piston, turbine) expander;
2.4 vacuum pump (oil lubrication, dry type);
2.5 low temperature liquid pump and its vaporization equipment;
2.6 thermal insulation materials;
2.7 gas filling equipment;
2.8 adsorption materials;
2.9 gas welding and cutting equipment;
2.10 gas valve;
2.11 catalyst and molecular sieve;
2.12 drying equipment;
2.13 filter;
2.14 busbar;
2.15 heat exchanger;
2.16 voltage regulator;
2.17 packing.
3. Gas analysis and application instruments
3.1 dew point instrument, gas chromatograph, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, oxygen analyzer and microanalyzer;
3.2 pressure reducer;
3.3 gas detection;
3.4 sensors.
4. Gas transportation and packaging materials
4.1 high and low pressure gas cylinder, low temperature heat insulation gas cylinder, spiral wound gas cylinder and aluminum alloy gas cylinder;
4.2 low temperature liquid storage tank and tank car;
4.3 long tube trailer;
4.4 stainless steel processing;
4.5 head manufacturing;
4.6 loading and unloading metal hose;
4.7 bursting disc;
4.8 industrial furnace;
4.9 cylinder valve;
4.10 glass fiber.
5. Gas cylinder and pipeline inspection equipment
5.1 cylinder hydraulic press;
5.2 external measuring device of gas cylinder;
5.3 metal thickness gauge;
5.4 nondestructive flaw detector;
5.5 magnetic particle detector;
5.6 industrial endoscope;
5.7 bottle valve automatic disassembly machine;
5.8 bottle valve inspection device;
5.9 automatic water pouring machine;
5.10 derusting machine inside and outside the cylinder.
6. Gas production and safety management
6.1 cylinder label;
6.2 gas production and transportation Internet of things Management (GPS positioning)
7. Raw materials
7.1 stainless steel;
7.2 steel plate
8. Gas production and Application Technology
8.1 medical industry;
8.2 food industry;
8.3 glass industry;
8.4 light industry and building materials industry;
8.5 environmental protection industry;
8.6 machinery industry;
8.7 electronic industry;
8.8 semiconductor industry;
8.9 gas production
9. Gas applications
10. Clean fuel gas station equipment for automobiles
10.1 LPG truck filling station device, LPG dispenser and cylinder;
10.2 compressed natural gas vehicle filling station device, compressed natural gas dispenser and cylinder liquefied natural gas vehicle filling station device;
10.3 LNG dispenser and gas cylinder;
10.4 natural gas and liquefied natural gas vehicles;
10.5 gas storage bottle and tank of gas station, control system of gas station.
11. Gas equipment maintenance
11.1 external coating anti-corrosion;
11.2 industrial robots
12. Special gas products and technologies

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Telephone:010-8416 4587
  • Mobile:13910831620
  • Address:Room 601, airport science and technology building, 28 Tianzhu Road, Shunyi District, Beijing
  • Zipcode:100102


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