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2019 Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition
Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper
Time: 2019/04/10 - 04/12 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jing'an District · Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Center ChinaShanghai CityJingan District 1000 Yan'an Middle Road, Shanghai
Sponsor:Le Pai Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Organizer:Le Pai Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Because there are the best packaging manufacturers to join the exhibition and the most creative famous brands to visit, all these make the international luxury packaging exhibition unique Participating in Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition is the best opportunity to show their professional skills to major international and domestic brands, because they are searching for the best packaging
Focus on creative packaging exhibition, positioning high-quality exhibition content and customer groups.
Serve more than 200 exhibitors in the field of creative packaging: turn your ideas into reality!
The unprecedented wide coverage provides audiences with various cutting-edge packaging technologies and techniques.
Inspired by innovative solutions available in other industries: cosmetics, wine, jewelry, fine food, tobacco, fashion
Free educational activities: sharing ideas and experiences with industry leaders and well-known speakers
Focus of trends and ideas: let your products shine!


Bottle & Can
Packing box
Bottle ring
Decoration / process technology
Distributor / pump / valve / sprayer
Raw materials (paper, foam...)
Silk ribbon
Sample sack
Tube packing
Glass vials / single dose packaging
Gifts, promotional gifts and display products
Intelligent solutions (anti-counterfeiting, intelligent packaging...)

Costs & Precautions

Contact with the organizer for implementation before the exhibition


  • Telephone:021-51692006 805
  • Truename:Miss Xu
  • E-mail:istel@adventi.com.cn
  • Address:Block F-G, 16th floor, Xingui, Lidu, No. 831, Xinzha Road, Shanghai, China


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