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2025 Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo

Construction / Decoration / Hardware


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2025/03/31 - 04/03 (Mon To Thur Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) ChinaShanghai CityPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


China Architecture and Culture Center


China Architecture and Culture Center

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2025 Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo - www.globalomp.com

2025 Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo - www.globalomp.com


2025 Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo

March 31 to April 3, 2025, Shanghai New International Expo Center

For Asia's top real estate, architecture, design, and hotel operators

Provide one-stop boutique building materials procurement and solutions

200000 square meters, 2200 exhibitors, 100000 visitors from around the world

~~Exhibition Introduction~~

As an important exhibition under the Hotel Plus Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo, the Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo (HDE) is heavily developed by the China Tourism Hotel Industry Association, China Department Store Business Association, China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, and China Architecture Culture Center; The exhibition covers an area of 210000 square meters and gathers 2100 exhibitors. The exhibits cover theme areas such as ceramic bathrooms, engineering design, decorative materials, interior design, hotel franchise, lighting, intelligent systems, smart hotels, and hotel supplies; 100+events and forums involve cutting-edge topics such as hotel and commercial space design and operation, taking turns. It is the first one-stop trade procurement platform in China to provide construction and operation services for end buyers of hotels and commercial spaces. The exhibition brings together architects, designers, real estate developers, hotel owners, and high-end buyers across the industry chain, aiming to take the construction of domestic hotels and various commercial spaces to a new height.

A series of activities with the theme of "Exploration Journey of Enlightenment and Action" will be held simultaneously with the exhibition. Through a series of events such as the Wuhe Xing Forum, Shanghai Architecture and Interior Design Week, Real Estate Architecture Festival, Light Charm, Craftsman's Heart Lighting Series, and the Golden Palace Award Dinner, we aim to create a cross-border ecosystem centered around "Hotel+" and connect the hotel and commercial space engineering procurement industry chain.


China Architecture and Culture Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development

~~Supporting units~~

China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation

China Association of Building and Sanitary Ceramics

Interior Design Branch of China Architecture Society

~~Exhibition highlights~~

Creating Fashion Design Trends: Elite individuals from the real estate, architecture, hotel, and design industries participate in a series of design festivals and events every year, such as the issuance of professional design awards that showcase the overall design level in China, high-end forums focused on fashionable home living and hotel engineering renovation, and the release of new architectural design products, leading the design trend in Asia and even the world.

● Building an elegant exhibition space for high-quality building materials: A special boutique area is set up for top domestic and foreign brands, creating an elegant display environment for them. It is only open to high-end customers such as design elites, construction project purchasers, and hotel managers, meeting the special display requirements of high-quality building materials that pursue individuality, fashion trends, and unique taste.

Advocating for a one-stop procurement solution: Famous enterprises from ceramic bathrooms, interior decoration, lighting, coatings, doors, windows, curtain walls, and other building materials gather together to provide "one-stop" procurement solutions for engineering purchasers at home and abroad who visit exhibitions.

● Building a Better Ecological Future Together: World advanced environmentally friendly building materials and energy-saving technologies such as green buildings and zero carbon emissions will become the focus and important exhibition area of the exhibition.


1. Architectural decoration hall: environmentally friendly new materials such as ceramics and mosaics, stone, bathroom and hardware accessories, partitions, etc

2. Engineering design/Sports and entertainment center: fresh air system and HVAC refrigeration equipment, integrated housing and supporting equipment, door and window shading, swimming pool sauna equipment, door control system, fireproof board, amusement equipment, dimming glass, sports and fitness equipment and supplies, outdoor landscape, etc

3. Interior Design Museum: Decorative panels, bamboo, fabric soft furnishings, window decorations and decorations, overall home and outdoor furniture, ground materials, decorative hardware, design firms, etc

4. Lighting and Intelligent Control Hall: Hotel engineering lighting, commercial space lighting, decorative lighting, lighting design, architectural landscape lighting, weak current system and intelligent control management system, audio and video system, smart home, LED lighting, LED display screen, LED advertising light source, etc

5. Smart Hotel Green Building Materials and Smart Pavilion: Internet of Things, Intelligent Customer Control System, Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Intelligent Audiovisual System, Hotel Investment Chain Franchise, Green and Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

6. Hotel Linen House: Hotel Uniform Series, Restaurant Linen, Bedding, Decorative Fabric, Bathroom Series, etc

7. IT&Security, Room Electrical Hall: Hotel monitoring, audio, door locks, hotel software, intelligent control, etc

8. Room Supplies Hall: Consumables, paid items, bamboo and rattan paint products, organic glass products, leather goods products, room appliances, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2025 Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo - www.globalomp.com


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