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2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition

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2024/09/20 - 09/22 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Chongqing Yubei District Chongqing International Expo Center ChinaChongqing CityYubei District No. 66 Yuelai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing


2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition


2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition

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2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition - www.globalomp.com

2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition - www.globalomp.com

In recent years, the Hospital Management Research Institute has continuously leveraged its scientific research advantages and actively promoted research on hospital infrastructure, logistics management, and medical equipment management. The aim is to help identify and solve problems faced in related fields, promote innovation in technology and equipment application, and management models, so that related work can quickly adapt to the new requirements of modern medical service systems. The concept and requirements of the "Healthy China" strategy are integrated into all work, This provides a good platform for improving the basic construction, equipment application and management, and logistics management level of medical institutions in China, and comprehensively promoting the development, innovation, academic research, and technical exchange of various professional fields related to hospital architecture and equipment.

Focus on the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, the joint development of the the Belt and Road in northwest China, and the cooperation between the southwest border and Southeast Asia. This conference will be held in Chongqing, a beautiful mountain city in southwestern China, closely following the development trend of hot areas and igniting a hospital construction market of over 200 billion yuan.

While the medical construction industry is developing rapidly, it is also undergoing comprehensive innovation and upgrading. The innovation hotspots that lead the future development direction have always been the focus of hospital builders. This conference focuses on multi-level hot topics that are of common concern to the industry, such as institutional innovation, technological innovation, model innovation, and equipment and facility upgrading innovation. It deeply interprets cutting-edge hot topics, fills new cognitive gaps, and leads the future development direction.

Leading the trend of high-quality development in hospitals in the future
Standing at the intersection of two centenary histories and facing the core requirements for high-quality development of hospitals, the construction of Chinese hospitals will be comprehensively upgraded in the future. This conference will focus on the construction of beautiful hospitals and high-quality development, deeply understand the future development trend, comprehensively interpret the connotation of high-quality development, fully present the knowledge system of beautiful hospital construction, and lead the direction of hospital construction during the 14th Five Year Plan period.
This conference and exhibition closely follows the changes in hospital construction and management during the post epidemic period, with the theme of "New Era, New Infrastructure, New Healthcare, and Building a Smart and Green New Hospital". According to the development concept of putting people's health at the center, communication and display are carried out through policy interpretation, program discussion, experience sharing, new technology and equipment display, and hospital field visits.

At the same time, the the Belt and Road International Hospital Construction Industry Exchange Conference was held, covering academic conferences on hospital construction and logistics equipment, hospital informatization, innovative medical equipment, and 40 satellite conferences with the theme set by enterprises. Inviting industry renowned experts, scholars, practitioners, and industry related organizations to participate in in-depth exchanges and discussions on the current development direction and research results of hospital construction.

Who will visit:
1. Leaders: Local leaders at all levels, leaders of the Health Commission, etc;
2. Industry organization representatives: representatives from institutions such as the National Health Commission, Housing and Construction System, Equipment Association, Hospital Association, Local Association, Medical Association, etc;
3. Representative of the owner: representatives of public hospitals, non-public hospitals, elderly care institutions, construction investors, doctor groups, etc;
4. Representatives of the design party: representatives from architectural design institutes, consulting agencies, decoration and design units, custodial institutions, etc;
5. Supplier unit representatives: representatives from units such as products, materials, engineering, solutions, consulting, medical equipment, information, property management, and supervision;
6. Investor representatives: Real estate institutions, financial institutions, funds, etc. in the field of non direct construction hospitals;
7. Experts in the field of scientific research and teaching: representatives from medical majors, research institutions, public institutions, and other experts;
8. Media and personal IP: mass media, industry media, emerging platform media, writers and designers in the field of medical construction, etc;

The purpose of this exhibition is to focus on the medical construction industry cluster, showcase cutting-edge technology, break through barriers in hospital construction, fully unleash the synergy of innovative elements such as technology and talent between industry chains, promote intelligent collaborative innovation and integrated development of industries, drive new demand from a comprehensive perspective, explore new markets, and build a communication and exchange platform for enterprises and medical institutions, from top-level planning and construction to medical informationization construction, Enable medical institutions to find solutions and maximize the value of enterprise technology and services. By linking different groups in the field of collaboration, setting up various forms and dimensions of communication such as professional training, consensus discussion, and cross-border dialogue, an open platform for multi-party cross-border integration is built.

Exhibition schedule arrangement
Exhibition period: September 18-19, 2024 (9:00-17:00)
Exhibition time: September 20-22, 2023 (9:00-17:00)
Dismantling time: September 22, 2023 (15:00)


1. Smart hospital construction: overall solution for hospital informatization, outpatient and emergency management system, infusion management solution, electronic medical record solution, charging and cost control solution, ward rounds system, data center, medical consortium, medical cloud, data center processing, mobile healthcare, etc;
2. Green and energy-saving solutions: energy-saving lighting, hospital energy management platform and energy-saving solutions, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, distributed new energy power supply systems, air conditioning and HVAC; Hospital disinfection equipment, etc;
3. Hospital building supporting products and equipment technology: - doors and windows, hospital signage, LED display system, - doors, operating room doors, - elevators, emergency lighting and fire protection systems, - call systems; Hospital safety protection equipment, safety monitoring systems, etc;
4. Life support systems and engineering: operating room purification and supporting equipment, operating room lighting, oxygen production equipment, protective equipment, purification and disinfection equipment, etc;
5. Logistics support system: property management, hospital waste disposal equipment, internal logistics transmission equipment, parking management system equipment, hospital safety protection equipment, safety monitoring system, intelligent pharmacy equipment, kitchen equipment, hospital water supply, etc;
6. Medical building environment design: conceptual design, architectural design, core system engineering (operating room, etc.) and other overall planning and design schemes; Intelligent management of medical and health big data.
7. Hospital clean engineering: architectural planning and design, medical core engineering systems, clean operating room engineering, laboratory engineering, infection control, sterilization and disinfection engineering, central supply room and ICU ward engineering, suspension tower engineering, nuclear medicine protection engineering, gas engineering, prefabricated medical buildings, logistics transmission system engineering, etc;
8. Clean equipment materials: - air conditioning and ventilation engineering, air purification units, control electromechanical equipment elevator engineering, dehumidification equipment, UPS power supply, emergency lighting and fire protection systems, flooring, PVC flooring, hospital paving materials, - coatings, keel ceilings, dust purification materials, disinfection water equipment, sewage treatment equipment and water purification systems, etc;
9. Medical equipment: suspension towers, shadowless lamps and furniture, sanitary ware, disinfection sinks, hand sinks, medicine cabinets, safety cabinets, protective and rescue systems, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024 Chongqing International Hospital Construction Conference and Medical Equipment Exhibition - www.globalomp.com


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