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The 24th Guangzhou International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in 2024

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2025/05/11 - 05/13 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceGuangzhou CityHaizhu District No. 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City


Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

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The 24th Guangzhou International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The 24th Guangzhou International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The annual Guangzhou Julang International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition is a renowned and globally renowned industry event. After 23 years of hard work, the exhibition has won the recognition of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Baowu Iron&Steel, Ansteel Lianzhong, Hebei Iron&Steel Group (Hangang), Xiangtan Iron&Steel, POSCO, Nippon Steel, Masteel, Xinye Steel, the Pearl River Steel Pipe, Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group

, Guanzhou, Huamei, Xinhua United Metallurgical Holding Group, Han Steel, Zhaoqing Agote, Lecong Steel World, Tianjin Haigang, New Guanzhou, Shougang, Ethical Enterprise, Lianchuang

Tangshan Zhihengda, Guangdong Zhongchuangyu, Shandong Jiwei, Mount Huangshan Weisijiajia, Hengfeng, Shenzhen Big Worker, Juxinyuan, Han Jiang, Huaxin Lihua, KOS, Dongguan Yayu

Shanghai Chunming, METALCOVO, Boxing Fushengyuan, Zhejiang Yanshi, Zhejiang Jinyun Hanli, Hengji, Guanxian Qianjin, Shandong Hengfeng, Shandong Shuangfa, Shengquan

Tuo Beimai, Luo Bopaike, Jin Cheng, Jin Huang, Qiao Sheng, Jin Kaida, Guohe, Chongqing Jiangdong, Shenzhen Huijun (DSR), American Fluke, Zhongnan Furnace Industry, Aiyi

Ji Bang, Shi Mi, Jinyang, Belgium Cocklell, FAW, Shenyang Xinsong, ABB, Epson, Songjiang Centrifugal Casting, Oxford Instruments, Chenglian Die Casting, Qichang Casting

Zao, Xingjing, Marpos, Tetuo Machinery Equipment, Shanghai Shanjia, Xiaoneng Laser, Shenzhen Aosong, Wafous, Numaliance

Famous enterprises such as Rongda Fa actively participate.

The 24th Guangzhou Julang International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in 2024

Exhibition time: May 11-13, 2024

Exhibition location: First floor, Zone C, Pazhou Exhibition Hall, China Import and Export Fair

Organizer: Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

Exhibition consultation: Lu Feng 156 2601 9944 (Weitong)

The 2024 exhibition will be held in collaboration with the Korea Steel Association, the Cold Bending Branch of the China Steel Structure Association, the Tianjin Metal Materials Society, Strategise.in from India, and Yatra from India

Professional associations and organizations from 23 countries around the world, including the Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of China and the Chengdu Sheet Metal Industry Association, have formed joint exhibition groups to participate in and visit the exhibition.

Part 2023 Visited Enterprises: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangdong Lingfeng Group, Fujian Kaixi Group

Company, Guangdong Wenyi Group, Guangzhou Samsung Communication Technology Research Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Samsung Products Trading Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Guolian Group Co., Ltd., Baili Group (China)

Guo) Co., Ltd., Sumida Group, ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, Baiyun Electric Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hardware and Mineral Import and Export Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Guangri Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shenwang Group Co., Ltd., Li Jinji Food Co., Ltd., Shunda Group, Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Co., Ltd

Chongqing Ruichi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., Zhonghang Lutong Industry Co., Ltd., Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Oupai Integrated Home Furnishings Co., Ltd., Aipu

Co., Ltd. (China), Guangzhou Aluminum Group, Foxconn Technology Group (China headquarters), Belgium Aitai Group, Jiangxi Construction Third Construction Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zhongxing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dianying Information Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Procter&Gamble Industry Co., Ltd., Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Foshan Keleyou

Limited Company, Guangzhou Guangyi Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Lebess (Guangdong) Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., LG Company, Nike Procurement Services (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi

Electric Motor, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Car Company, CIMC, Yangma Engine, Delixi Group, Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd., and Keier Engineering Technology (China)

Guo) Co., Ltd., Honda Lock (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xizhilang Group Co., Ltd., Unlimited Extreme (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Building Materials Industry

Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Danone Beverage, Fuman Electronics Group Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Zhongyou Taxin Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Qixi Computer Co., Ltd

Guangdong Shipping Group Co., Ltd., Wuyang Honda Motor (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Fuji Xerox High tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Haojue Materials Co., Ltd., Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., Konka Group Co., Ltd., China International Shipping Container (Group) Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Honda Automotive Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China Petrochemical Corporation Maoming Branch, Guangzhou Automotive Industry Group Co., Ltd

Ltd., Guangzhou the Pearl River Beer Group Co., Ltd., Jiadun Food Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xufuji International Group, BYD

Fen Co., Ltd., Midea Group, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., TCL Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhizhong Communication Engineering Co., Ltd., Honda Trading

Yi (China) Co., Ltd., Hebei Jingye Group, Xiamen International Trade Group, Dingxin International Group, Shandong Hongyu Group, North China Industrial Control Enterprise Group, and Yazhi Integrated Housing

(Group) Co., Ltd., TOSHIBA (Toshiba), Sumitomo Corporation Limited, Toyota Tongshang, Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., Huawei Technology Co., Ltd

Foshan Nangong Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Aisk Electromechanical Group, Yuzhiyuan Group, State Machinery Group, North American Synthetic Group, Guangzhou Weigao Group Co., Ltd., and Xingxingji

Tuan, Chaowei Group North China Construction Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fengshen Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dongjian Group, Apollo (China) Co., Ltd., Franca Asia Procurement Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Shipyard Co., Ltd., and so on.

We sincerely hope that you can bring an elite team, a grand and beautiful image, and high-tech products to showcase, because we have prepared everything for you.

Exhibition highlights

1. This conference has passed the "International Steel Age" in the UK, "Stainless Steel Industry" in the UK, "Master of Steel" in India, "Metals and Metallurgy" in India, and "MPT" in Germany

Foundry Magazine UK, Metal World India, Foundry Magazine India, Steel Metallurgy India, International Metallurgical Equipment and Technology Germany

Metal Casting Technology Australia, Industrial Heating Magazine America, Industrial Parts World Taiwan, China, Casting

Mechanical Workers, Global Metals, Foundry Today, Metal Heat Treatment, Chinese Metallurgy, Foundry Equipment Research, World Nonferrous Metals

186 authoritative magazines in the global metal metallurgy industry, including "Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloy", "Metal Observation", "Stainless Steel Outlook", "Stainless Steel Special Issue", etc


2. Through Middle East Steel Network, Japan Metal Bulletin, Japan Metal Daily, Ukraine Metal Trade Network, UK Stainless Steel Focus Network, UK Stainless Steel Resources Network, and UK Gold

Belonging to Notification, UK First Metal Network, UK International Steel Times Network, as well as Steel Home, China Steel Enterprise Network, China Steel Industry Network, Lange Steel Network, and China Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding Equipment Network, Industrial Resources Network, I want stainless steel, stainless steel Tiandi Network, Yuantang Stainless Steel Network, China Stainless Steel Network, China Kitchen Equipment Network, Guangdong Die Casting and Casting

563 professional websites, including China Casting Network, International Die Casting Network, China Machinery Network, China Hardware Network, and Global Hardware Network, have published advertisements.

3. Julang Company has set up a 10 person dedicated promotion team, and through telephone, fax, SMS, WeChat, microblog, Tiktok, email, mail, professional magazine websites, newspapers

TV stations and other channels release exhibition advertising information, and plan to send 350000 invitations, 800000 invitation letters, and 1 million visit vouchers to domestic and foreign enterprises. Key invitations

Enterprises related to the metal metallurgy industry chain at home and abroad (hardware, machinery, automotive, building materials, petroleum, chemical, aviation, power, food, electronics, steel, valves, etc.)

Home appliances, furniture, medical, decoration, papermaking, metallurgy, etc., including metal metallurgy industry distributors, traders, metal metallurgy industry importers and exporters, producers, and related parties

Government departments, association organizations, etc., covering professionals from design, research and development, procurement, production to sales departments.

Exhibition fees

Domestic exhibitors: Standard booth at 13800 RMB/full exhibition period/9 square meters,

Empty space: 1380 RMB/㎡, with a minimum rental of 36 ㎡ booth (a construction management fee of 28 RMB per square meter will be paid)

Foreign exhibitors $3800/full exhibition period/9 square meters per piece

Empty venue: 380 US dollars/square meter (with a construction management fee of RMB 28 per square meter to be paid)

Booth configuration: Three sided fence, Chinese and English lintel, one negotiation table, two chairs, one trash can, two fluorescent lamps, and one 3A socket.

Advertising project for the conference

The journal of this conference is in 32 Kai (210mm) × 140mm imported copperplate paper, hardcover printing, distributed to visitors during the conference. Welcome enterprises to publish advertisements

Layout and other promotional methods


Exhibition content

1. Image display of steel enterprises, steel smelting technology and processes; Aluminum and copper production enterprises; Stainless steel production enterprises; Special steel.

2. Plate, pipe, strip, profile, bar, wire

3. Technology and equipment: mining, smelting, continuous casting, rolling mill, rolling mill, rolling mill, drawing, finishing, galvanizing, tin plating, color coating, metallurgical furnace, kiln and heating equipment

Casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, cooling equipment, metallurgical auxiliary machinery equipment and products, metallurgical raw material processing (ore, coke and other auxiliary raw materials) plate shearing

Design and manufacture of cutting equipment, steel marking equipment, metal marking machines, ferroalloy production, metal processing machinery, metal structure manufacturing, processing and installation, and metallurgical specialized equipment

Installation and debugging, etc

4. Products, finished products and auxiliary supplies, steel products, non-ferrous metal products, metal products, metal structural products and various application materials, hardware products, carbon materials

And products, various ferroalloy products, hard alloy products, tools and equipment, metal anti-corrosion coatings, metallurgical chemicals, industrial lubricants, metal processing oils and lubricants

Materials, anti rust materials, sealing materials, various metallurgical packaging and material equipment;

5. Metallurgical testing and automation: thermometers, thickness gauges, width gauges, velocimeters, spectrometers, infrared analyzers, infrared thermometers, non-destructive testing equipment, hardness testers

Metallographic analysis, chemical analysis instruments, thermal calibration instruments, metal material testing machines, sensors and transmissions, industrial control computers, industrial televisions, automation control systems

Electronic detection and automation control devices, data processing technology;

6. Used for metallurgical hot processing, mechanical processing, material transportation, power transmission, metallurgical bearings, reducers, cutting, weighing, lubrication, hydraulic, dust removal surface treatment

Lifting, electrical, industrial furnaces, burners, metal circular saws, chamfering machines, grinding, polishing equipment (shot blasting machines, shot blasting cleaning machinery, steel pretreatment equipment, etc.)

Metallurgical saw blades, cutting, mechanical equipment, and various application materials;

7. Refractory materials: raw materials and processing equipment, production and processing technology and equipment, various refractory material products;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

The 24th Guangzhou International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com


  • Company:Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:13710285337
  • Truename:Lu Feng
  • Mobile:15626019944
  • Address:3A04-3A06, Block A1, Xinghuiyuan, No. 29, Huaming Road, the Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


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