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The 14th China (Beijing) International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition and Smart Energy Exhibition in 2024

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2024/04/17 - 04/19 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Hall) ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 6 North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation


Beijing Zhongzhuang Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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2024第十四届中国(北京)国际太阳能光伏展与智慧能源展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

The 14th China (Beijing) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition in 2024

Exhibition time: April 17-19, 2024

Exhibition location: Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Old National Exhibition)

Approved by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

【 Organizer 】 China International Exhibition Center Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhongzhuang Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd

【 Organizer 】 Beijing Zhongzhuang Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd

The ChinaSolar Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition has been successfully held for 13 sessions, and has received unanimous recognition and positive evaluations from enterprises in the solar new energy industry. It has high visibility and industry influence, and is also one of the solar energy industry activities with international recognition. The exhibition includes photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, as well as photovoltaic engineering and systems, covering various links of the photovoltaic industry chain. According to third-party statistics, over 58000 visitors visited the 3-day exhibition, which is a highly influential exhibition in Asia for solar photovoltaic and smart energy

2024第十四届中国(北京)国际太阳能光伏展与智慧能源展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

During the exhibition, a number of in-depth and colorful international academic conferences on solar photovoltaic and smart energy were held, involving the analysis of future market trends of photovoltaic industry, Internet plus smart energy, cooperative development strategies, national policy guidance, industry cutting-edge technology, photovoltaic finance, etc., to achieve the combination of academic and practical; Integration of research and development with production; Integration of technology and industry;

On the basis of the successful holding of the previous exhibition, the 14th China (Beijing) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition in 2024 will be held concurrently with the 9th China International Construction Industry Expo of ConstrucTech, a comprehensive building materials exhibition, to achieve the sharing of abundant resources such as promotion and professional audiences. The grand event will be held from April 17th to 19th, 2024 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. We look forward to the gathering of relevant professionals from around the world from March to Beijing. At that time, a series of forward-looking, practical, and directional technical exchanges and new product releases will be held, providing users, enterprises, research institutions, and trade groups with a broad communication platform

【 Rich exhibition resources and comprehensive and systematic promotion 】

The 14th China (Beijing) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition in 2024 relies on the strong foundation of large-scale comprehensive building materials exhibitions in the north, rich exhibition experience, and accumulated audience resources. The organizing committee will not only collaborate with more than 170 domestic and foreign media outlets in the construction industry and photovoltaic industry to organize various forms and levels of promotional activities, but also set up an audience invitation call center in the first three months of the event. With 300000 complimentary tickets and exhibition newspaper communications, the exhibition information and invitation will be widely disseminated to the audience, ensuring the ideal display effect.

[Simultaneously holding rich industry promotion and trade docking activities]

During the ChinaSolar Solar Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition, relevant industry forums, real estate procurement matchmaking meetings, designer salons, dealer conferences, and other activities will also be held to promote solar photovoltaic and smart energy products and technologies, as well as economic and trade exchanges.

[Ideal location]

As a central city in the north, Beijing radiates to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei (Xiong'an), North China, Northeast and Northwest regions, making it an ideal location for nationwide promotion. The China International Exhibition Center (Third Ring Road Jing'anzhuang Old National Exhibition) is a well-known exhibition venue in the urban area of Beijing, adjacent to the Third Ring Road, with convenient transportation and facilities.

2024第十四届中国(北京)国际太阳能光伏展与智慧能源展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

[Scope of Exhibits]

Photovoltaic production equipment: silicon rod, silicon block, silicon ingot production equipment: production line, ingot furnace, crucible, growth furnace, and other related equipment

Silicon wafer production equipment: production line, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, and other related equipment

Battery production equipment: production line, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion furnace, laminating equipment/deposition furnace, screen printing machine, other furnace equipment, testing instruments and sorting machines, and other related equipment

Battery panel/component production equipment: production line, testing equipment, glass cleaning equipment, wiring/welding equipment, lamination equipment, etc

Thin film solar panel production equipment: amorphous silicon battery, copper indium gallium diselenium battery CIS/CIGS, cadmium tellurium thin film battery CdTe, dye sensitized battery DSSC production technology and research equipment

Photovoltaic cells: photovoltaic cell manufacturers, battery module manufacturers, and battery module installers

Photovoltaic related components: batteries, chargers, controllers, converters, recorders, inverters, monitors, support systems, tracking systems, solar cables, etc

Photovoltaic application products: silicon materials, silicon ingots/blocks, silicon wafers, encapsulated glass, encapsulated films, and other raw materials

Photovoltaic engineering and systems: photovoltaic system integration, solar air conditioning system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar detection and control system, solar heating system engineering, solar photovoltaic engineering program control and engineering management and software development system

Solar energy and green buildings: solar thermal utilization, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal power generation, solar refrigeration systems and equipment, solar lighting fixtures and building materials, LED technology and products, solar energy accessories, green building energy-saving products, green new building materials

Smart grid and energy storage technology and equipment: new energy generation grid connection, intelligent transmission and distribution, grid scheduling and automation control, intelligent metering and electricity management, smart grid information communication, energy storage technology and equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, supporting equipment

The standard booth includes:

1. Three sided display board, carpet, one inquiry table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one 220V/5A power socket, and company lintel (Chinese and English names and booth numbers)

2. Venue, air conditioning, original building lighting, security, public area cleaning, and on-site management and services.

Indoor lighting includes:

Venue, air conditioning, original building lighting, security, public area cleaning, and on-site management and services (excluding booth construction management fees, all design, construction, and cleaning work shall be completed by the exhibitors themselves)

Exhibition Procedures

For units interested in participating in the exhibition, please contact the organizing committee. After determining the booth and exhibition fees, fill out the exhibition "Exhibition Application/Agreement Form" and stamp it with the official seal. Mail or fax it to the organizing committee. After the exhibition agreement is signed, the exhibitor should pay the exhibition fee within 3 working days

If you want to book a booth for "2024" and learn more information, please contact us through the following contact information:

[Contact Information]

Contact person: Hu Yilin

Phone/Tel: 182 1090 8343

2024第十四届中国(北京)国际太阳能光伏展与智慧能源展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com


Photovoltaic production equipment

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.


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