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2024 Philippines International Future Energy Exhibition

Chemical / Energy / Environment


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2024/05/20 - 05/21 (Mon To Tues Total 2 Days)    Error Correction


Manila · Philippines Manila SMX Convention Center the PhilippinesManila Seashell Ln, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines


Terrapinn Holdings Ltd.


Ningbo Hairui International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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2024 Philippines International Future Energy Exhibition - www.globalomp.com

The 2024 Philippine International Future Energy Exhibition will be grandly held in Manila from May 20th to 21st. In 2023, the exhibition brought together 9500 energy industry leaders, experts, and professionals. During the two-day event, over 181 world-class solution providers from around the world showcased products that changed the Philippine energy ecosystem; More than 150 speakers delivered live speeches and roundtable meetings in eight professional fields, including solar energy, energy storage, and smart grid electricity, bringing on-site demonstrations and in-depth industry insights to the audience. This exhibition has been highly praised by exhibitors and attending buyers, and is the best platform for photovoltaic and energy storage enterprises to enter the Philippine and Southeast Asian markets.


Photovoltaic power generation products and technologies:Photovoltaic modules, battery cells, thin films; Cables, connectors, junction boxes, inverters; Photovoltaic brackets and tracking systems; Chips, polycrystalline silicon

Component assembly, membrane installation system, and bracket installation, etc; Rural electrification and off grid solar energy systems; Operation and maintenance inspections: testing, certification, cleaning tools, status monitoring; Drones, IoT, maintenance services, wireless monitoring solutions;

Solar energy application products:Solar water heaters, solar stoves, solar heating, solar air conditioning, solar power generation systems, solar lamps, solar panels, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic lighting systems and products, components and related production equipment, solar system control software, solar street billboard lighting systems;

Energy storage:Lithium battery and electrode manufacturers, lead-acid battery manufacturers, energy storage systems, gel battery manufacturers; Battery Management System (BMS) manufacturer; Microgrid system integrators, energy storage system integrators, smart frequency converter manufacturers, industrial battery manufacturers, container battery storage system manufacturers, portable battery power packs, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024 Philippines International Future Energy Exhibition - www.globalomp.com


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