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AFF: Asia Fashion Fair2023

Clothing / Leather / Textile


Twice a Year


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TOKYO Asia Fashion Fair TokyoJapan Asia Fashion Fair


Asia Fashion Fair


Asia Fashion Fair

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2023 Japanese apparel textile fabric exhibition

Aff: Asia Fashion Fair

Exhibition time: September

Exhibition hall

Exhibits: 16000 square meters

Exhibitions: each costume, surface charge, house, rent, clothing

Aff Corporation

Aff Affairs Bureau

Exhibition Exhibition

Aff is the official name of the Asian Fashion Fair. The exhibition received enthusiastic reactions and praise from the industry to support local and economic groups. In Japan, the industrial demand of Japan is diversified, and the demand for demand in Southeast Asia and South Asia is increasing, and the so-called "China + 1" trend is increasingly becoming clear. The exhibition aims to increase the number of Asian elements to meet the diverse demands of buyers and to expand the impact of the industry by taking full advantage of this trading platform.

The "Australian New Year", "the new company", "credit card", "Sun novel", "living Biz", and so on.

The company's professional group exhibitions dominance

1. Good booth location and price advantage.

Rational and arranged arrangements for overseas travel and hotel lodging

3, intimate and timely overseas travel ticket arrangements, transfers, driver leaders, translations, etc

4 expert experience in outreach activities familiar with local customs and customs.

5. From the arrangement of the booth confirmation to the construction of the booth, the transportation of the exhibit, and the business sign, the certificate is checked out, and the PostsHow grants are processed.

Our one-stop professional service concept aims to be a better brand in the exhibition service industry

✈ Our company cannot provide group exhibition services. Visa, ticket, hotel and admission tickets cannot be offered.

✈ In addition, we can sign a Japanese seal stamp (business, travel, 3 years, times, 5 times).

China Group Exhibition Service

Mr. grace


Aff Tokyo International Exhibition

Apparel: shirts, T-Shirts, polo shirts, blouse, bra, inner, maternity wear, inner, girdle, sweater, cashmere sweater, skirt, casual wear, dress, jacket, coat, trench coat, cotton, down wear, pants Embroidery ladies, denim, leather wear, white clothing, work clothes, yukata, Jinpei, pajamas, sportswear, outdoor wear, seamless, home wear, soccer wear, kids wear, raincoat, ski wear, golf wear etc

Clothing: hat, gloves, scarf, muffler, cashmere scarf, stole, slippers, socks, tights, leggings, bags etc

Material: prestained fabric, linen, natural fiber, hemp Tencel, hemp, hemp glue cloth, PU material, functional material, knitted fabric, wool fabric, compression wool, denim fabric, mint fiber, temperature control fiber, fleece, back shaggy, Tenjiku, low gauge, back hair, punching, plating, high-density broad, jacquard, etc Oxford etc

Home textiles: towels, blankets, apron, hanging fabric, laying pad, pillow, mattress, cushion, carpet, bathrobe, tablecloth, hotel and hospital textile etc

Auxiliary material: thread, functional thread, fastener, lining, lace, inspection, flat rubber, blister, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.


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  • E-mail:JPEXPO@163.COM
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  • Address:For Exhibitor & Visit service:Mr.zhang15821106898wechat


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