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2023 China (Shenzhen) International Information and Communication Exhibition

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2023/04/09 - 04/11 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceShenzhen CityFutian District Intersection of Fuhua Third Road and Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province


Guangdong Communication Industry Association


Lansen Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Lansen Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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2023中国(深圳)国际信息通信展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

》》》Exhibition overview: unmissable industry opportunities

Shenzhen International Information and Communication Exhibition is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 9-11. It is a highly influential information and communication technology exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. It focuses on the display of new products, new technologies, new trends and new applications in the whole industry chain sectors such as chips, materials, devices, modules, equipment and solutions, and promotes business communication between equipment manufacturers, engineers, operators, Internet and other enterprises and upstream and downstream suppliers, Achieve business cooperation, learn about cutting-edge applications and insight into emerging trends.

》》》Last Review

The famous enterprises exhibited in the last exhibition included Xuchuang Technology, Hisense Group, Fenghuo Communication, Optical Communication Technology, Hengtong Optoelectronics, Changfei Optical Fiber, Huawei Hisense, Tencent Cloud, Gaoyi Semiconductor, Onna Information, Cambridge Technology, Delphi, Core Sijie, Sanhuan Group, Shijia Photonics, Short Technology, Qixin Optoelectronics, Yifeiyang, Hitachi, Shiguang Semiconductor, Yuanjie Semiconductor, Huixin, Semtech Corporation, Feiyu Group San'an Integration, Minxin Semiconductor, Shanghai Yang'an, Yongding, Yiyuantong, Feibokang, Yingfeng Optical Communication, Xunte Communication, etc. The three-day exhibition attracted 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, as well as from the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China There were 43876 visitors from 26 countries and regions including Taiwan, 18 technical exchange seminars and conferences, 16 high-level forums, and 86 first-class media organizations reported on the exhibition. The successful holding of the exhibition has been highly recognized by relevant competent departments.

》》》Exhibition influence:

The exhibition area is nearly 40,000 square meters

Nearly 600 exhibitors

More than 30 participating countries and regions

National and regional pavilions: Germany, South Korea, Italy, Britain, France, the United States, Türkiye, India, Japan, etc

The number of professional visitors is estimated to be nearly 30000 from more than 20 countries and regions

Nearly 300 industry cooperation media from more than 20 countries and regions in the world comprehensively promote and report the whole process, and enjoy the influence of brand exhibitions


1、 Optical communication chips and materials

Chip design, chip software, wafers, substrates, TEC chips, IC chips, DFB and EML chips, PIN and APD chips, high-speed modulator chips, tunable laser chips, VCSEL chips, pump laser chips, PLC, AWG, TIA, LD Driver, CDR chips, epitaxial chips, photoresists, lithography plates, SiC, GaN materials, monocrystalline silicon, lithium niobate single crystal films, passive components, silicon optoelectronic integration, compound materials and crystals, etc

2、 Optical communication devices and modules

Optical transmitting component, optical receiving component, optical transceiver component, optical transceiver integrated module, optical splitter module, optical amplifier, optical pump laser, photonic integrated device, optical wavelength division multiplexer, optical wavelength division multiplexer, optical add drop multiplexer, optical waveguide device, optical dispersion compensator, optical repeater, optical attenuator, optical connector, optical isolator, optical coupler, optical splitter, optical circulator, wavelength converter, etc

3、 Cable/optical fiber cable/optical fiber sensor

Optical preform, single-mode optical fiber, multi-mode optical fiber, plastic optical fiber, erbium-doped optical fiber, ytterbium doped optical fiber, polarization maintaining optical fiber, radiation resistant optical fiber, high temperature resistant optical fiber, bending resistant optical fiber, large core optical fiber, indoor optical cable, outdoor optical cable, optical fiber cold connector, optical cable splicing box, optical cable splicing box, optical cable splicing box, optical cable splicing box, distribution frame, coaxial cable, RF cable, data cable, twisted pair, security cable, etc; Optical fiber current transformer, optical fiber hydrophone, optical fiber gyroscope, optical fiber perimeter security system, optical fiber hydraulic sensor, distributed optical fiber temperature sensor system, optical fiber gas sensor, optical fiber stress sensor, etc

4、 Optical test instrument

Laser detector chip test system, insertion loss test system, optical time domain reflectometer OTDR, PON optical power meter, LIV test system, aging power supply, ellipsometer, spectrometer, bit error tester, eye graph, optical variable attenuator, optical fiber end detector, coupling test power supply, adjustable DC power supply, optical power meter desktop, hand-held optical power meter, single/dual wavelength light source, DWDM light source, tension tester, test and design software, etc

5、 Optical communication system equipment

SDH optical transmission equipment, Ethernet equipment, optical connection equipment, optical broadband access (EPON, GPON, NGPON) equipment, OLT equipment, GPON SBU equipment, MDU equipment, XGS PON intelligent home gateway equipment, data transfer equipment, optical amplifier, optical multiplexer, optical demultiplexer, optical transceiver (SDH, multi service optical transceiver, etc.), video and audio optical transceiver, optical transceiver, interface converter, interface converter, protocol converter Mode converter, Fibre Channel card, digital video optical transceiver, ICT system equipment, IP Ethernet transmission products, etc

6、 Production system equipment

Chip epitaxy equipment, chip cleavage machine, chip mounter, cleaning machine, dicing machine, X-RAY, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor packaging and testing, LD automatic eutectic machine, PD automatic eutectic machine, automatic wire bonding machine, wire bonding machine, centrifugal defoaming machine, automatic coupling platform, capping machine, feeding and unloading machine, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, vacuum drying oven, parallel sealing welder, high and low temperature circulation box, high temperature aging box, cold and hot shock test box Salt spray testing machine, etc

7、 Radio and television communication equipment

CATV transmission, analog optical transmitting component, analog optical receiving component, laser pump source, analog EDFA, YDFA, optical receiving front-end modem, optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical workstation, broadband access equipment, etc

8、 Cloud data center

Ethernet switch, ToR/Leaf switch, optical storage, optical transceiver, server, hot plug AC power module, server optical network card, communication system, system integration/, system maintenance and monitoring, generic cabling system, power supply and distribution system, air-conditioning fresh air system, fire protection and security system, overall solution of data center, micro module data center, etc

9、 Wireless communication

RF devices, RF modules, RF filters, RF power amplifiers, RF switches, high-frequency semiconductors, PCB high-frequency copper clad plates, microwave dielectric ceramics, EMC electromagnetic shielding materials, MPI circuit boards, LCP materials, high-frequency low dielectric loss materials, mobile terminal equipment, FSO equipment, base station antennas, small base stations, etc

10、 Operations and Services

Photolithography technology, F5G, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, loT, intelligent terminal power supply and solutions, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for confirmation before participating in the exhibition.


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  • Address:Intersection of Fuhua Third Road and Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province


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