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Suzhou 2023 Door and Window Exhibition

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2023/04/17 - 04/19 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Jiangsu Suzhou International Expo Center ChinaJiangsu ProvinceSuzhou CityWuzhong District No. 688, East Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


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Shanghai Huachuang Expo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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苏州2023门窗展-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

2023 Suzhou Door and Window Exhibition

The exhibition is based in Suzhou, serves Jiangsu, radiates across the country, connects with channels and engineers in East China, invites tens of thousands of exhibitors and buyers, builds a gold business docking platform, integrates industry resources, releases industry potential, and helps the door and window industry open a new chapter. With the increasing number of doors and windows, all doors and windows have ushered in a huge construction market. Door and window enterprises need to grasp the opportunities in the urban construction market, constantly realize the innovation and progress of industry products and technologies, and strengthen the promotion of enterprises, brands and services. Focusing again on the field of doors, windows and curtain walls, the exhibition operation of Israel, the rich resources of audience organization and trade effects, has once again become an ideal docking platform for doors, windows and curtain walls, exhibition, product promotion, cooperation and exchange, and trade procurement. The "2023 China (Suzhou) International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Exhibition", organized by Shanghai Huachuang Expo Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., will be grandly opened in Suzhou International Expo Center from April 17 to 19, 2023. With its huge scale, international services and one-stop procurement exchange platform, we will be waiting for you in Suzhou!

Multi type publicity platform
Provide personalized services for exhibitors Before the exhibition, the organizer will provide diversified products warm-up publicity for exhibitors through new media and we media. At the exhibition site, we will arrange to visit the exhibition hall and communicate with industry leaders, and conduct on-site interviews and follow-up reports on their brands and products. After the exhibition, in-depth reports on exhibitors' products and technologies will be made in the industry media, exhibition website and official account to expand the exhibition effect and promote the matching between supply and demand.
Why do we invite you to choose our annual exhibition industry event exchange platform
The 2023 grand exhibition, with a large team landing in Suzhou, will be held in April; Jiangsu people support and guide the exhibition; Departments and industry associations give full support; Gather thousands of domestic and foreign * * * enterprises to gather together, nearly 100 media massive publicity reports, and create a high standard, high positioning industry annual event with "Suzhou characteristics";
● 360 degree publicity warm-up, multi-channel organization of buyers, expanding the influence of the exhibition

Central level media: CCTV, People's Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, etc

Local mediaJiangsu TV, Suzhou TV, Jiangsu Daily, Suzhou Evening News

media: Baidu, Phoenix, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other self: customized services for expositions, microblogs, Baidu 100, and cooperative self media units: in order to enhance the reputation of enterprise brands, there are various forms of activities, including: opening ceremony, summit forum, exhibition, supply and demand docking meeting, product technology promotion meeting, field investigation, cooperation signing, technology catalog release, media interview, etc.


★ Door and window series: Door and window system, sunshade system; Sunshine room, shutter, hollow glass window, screen, invisible screen, anti-theft screen, casement window, energy-saving doors and windows, doors and windows, intelligent doors and windows, new doors and windows, antique doors and windows; Aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, color aluminum doors and windows, anti-theft doors and windows; Aluminum alloy doors, Kentucky doors, aluminum alloy folding doors, electric folding doors, aluminum alloy roller shutter doors, garage doors, roller shutter doors, electric roller shutter doors, fast roller shutter doors, fire doors, bullet proof doors and windows, explosion-proof doors and windows, fire shutter doors, sliding doors, automatic doors, revolving doors, retractable doors, aluminum doors, villa doors, indoor wooden doors, etc.
★ Doors and windows, building facade: Architectural glass: glass curtain wall, curtain wall glass, hollow glass, fireproof glass, hollow shutter glass, laminated glass, laminated glass, thermal insulation glass, architectural glass thermal insulation film, vacuum glass, solar photovoltaic glass, molecular sieve, adhesive strip, spacer strip and other architectural glass and accessories; Curtain wall materials: aluminum curtain wall, aluminum plate, aluminum veneer, aluminum plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, titanium zinc plate, * * thin stone, ceramic plate, copper plate and other metal curtain wall materials, non-metallic curtain wall materials.
Door, window and curtain wall profiles: Aluminum profiles, profiles of the thermal insulation strip theme exhibition area: aluminum profiles, bridge cutoff aluminum, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum, aluminum wood profiles, stainless steel profiles, aluminum surface treatment, screen profiles, screen materials, screen mesh, etc; Heat insulation: bridge cutoff aluminum heat insulation strip, PA66 heat insulation strip, nylon heat insulation strip, angle glue and other heat insulation materials.
Door, window and curtain wall equipment: Door and window processing equipment, aluminum door and window equipment, glass processing equipment, insulating glass processing, insulating glass production line, insulating glass production equipment, glass deep processing equipment, angle forming machine and other door and window equipment and machinery.
★ Hardware accessories for doors, windows and curtain walls: Door and window hardware, door and window accessories, aluminum alloy door and window accessories, window opener, window opener, electric window opener, ventilator, ventilation system, natural ventilator, intelligent door lock, fingerprint password lock, mechanical lock, sealant strip, door and window sealing strip, connecting claw and other curtain wall hardware, door and window hardware accessories.
★ Structural glue for doors, windows and curtain walls: Structural adhesive, silicone sealant, silicone adhesive, building structural adhesive, glass adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane foaming agent, glue gun, pneumatic glue gun and other sealant products and tools.
★ Hardware access control and coating chemical exhibition area: Access control technology, paint and coating, locks and supporting hardware for doors and windows, chemical products, automatic control technology, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for confirmation before participating in the exhibition.


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