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2022 the 29th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition

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2022/12/12 - 12/14 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong · Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceGuangzhou City 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong


Guangdong foxing yingyao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Guangdong foxing yingyao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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The 29th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition 2022 was hosted by Guangdong foxing yingyao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and was held in Pazhou Pavilion (Canton Fair Pavilion) of China Import and Export Commodities Fair from December 12 to 14, 2022. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of more than 300000 square meters and more than 4000 exhibitors. The scope of exhibits includes the upstream and downstream whole industry chain of hotel supplies such as ceramic tableware, glassware, kitchen equipment, cleaning equipment, hotel furniture, room supplies, food and beverage, etc. the exhibition is a grand event in the hotel supplies industry at home and abroad.
Adhering to the principles of honesty, pragmatism and steady development, our company combines resources from all parties and makes full use of all favorable conditions to do a good job in the exhibition, so as to provide a large platform for hotel supplies manufacturers to publicize their brands, expand the market and find business opportunities. We also thank people from all walks of life and all exhibitors for their support and assistance. Let's forge ahead, full of opportunities and look forward to the arrival of the 29th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition in 2022! We sincerely invite your company to participate in the exhibition and promote the cause to be more prosperous!

Audience Source:
As an annual event of the industry, each hotel supplies exhibition is the focus of the mainstream media and the industry. Guangdong foxing yingyao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. invited a series of three-dimensional publicity and promotion activities, such as magazines, portals, online promotion platforms, visiting local stores and organizing industry activities.
We sincerely invite buyers to visit: hotels, hotels, guest houses and hotel management companies under construction / preparation / opening/ Restaurants, restaurants, cafes, teahouses, restaurants and restaurants; Clubhouse, apartment, resort, club, KTV, sauna bath center, bar/ Decoration design companies, design institutes, architects and real estate developers/ Importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors of hotel equipment and catering equipment; / supermarkets, department stores, duty-free shops, high-end food stores/ Catering service consulting organization, kitchen design and consultant/ Importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors of food, beverage and baking products/ Importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors of wine, liquor and beer/ Wine tasters, wine appraisers, wine tasters and bartenders/ Chinese and western chef, pastry chef, Western pastry chef, dessert maker and gourmet/ Media, magazines, trade associations, government organizations.

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1. Desktop supplies exhibition area
Stainless steel tableware, bamboo tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, Meinai tableware, cooking utensils, glassware, glass turntable, gold and silver utensils and chopsticks
2. Kitchen catering equipment and supplies exhibition area
Chinese and western kitchen equipment, kitchen stove, banquet stove, stainless steel kitchenware, induction cooker, fast food equipment, baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, water purification equipment, refrigerator, fresh-keeping cabinet, fresh-keeping film, fresh-keeping aluminum foil, vegetable ladder, food machinery, dishwasher, ice maker, water heater, exhaust equipment, environmental protection equipment, beer equipment, oil fume purification, etc.
3. Cleaning and laundry equipment exhibition area
Floor washing machine, polishing machine, floor wiping machine, electronic bubble box, vacuum cleaner, trash can, dust push, floor mat, detergent, detergent, hand sanitizer, soap dispenser, skin dryer, stone care equipment, air purification equipment, sanitary ware, laundry equipment, etc.
4. Hotel lobby series and entertainment and sports equipment exhibition area
Lobby signboard, palm tree, LED indicator screen, lecture desk, room rate sign, umbrella rack, railing seat, luggage service car, hotel lighting, hotel lighting, guest room lamps, hotel TV, telephone, safe, guest room mirror, electric kettle, hair dryer, guest room disposable products, guest room ice, fitness intelligent fitness equipment, concierge sightseeing car, treadmill, golf supporting equipment, KTV supporting equipment, electric mahjong table Swimming pool equipment, sauna equipment, spa spa spa equipment and bathing equipment supplies, etc.
5. Hotel furniture exhibition area
Hotel Catering furniture, hotel room furniture, hotel sofa, hotel mattress, antique decorative furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, deposit cabinet, electric dining table, induction cooker dining table, household products, hotel decorations, etc.
6. Hotel room supplies exhibition area
Safe, guest room refrigerator, desk lamp, floor lamp, guest room special telephone, bedding, decorative fabric, needle cotton fabric, carpet, curtain, soap dispenser, incense sprayer, ornamental plants, tourism crafts, etc.
7. Hotel linen and textile exhibition area
Bedding, tablecloth, table mat, napkin, bath towel, curtain cloth art, restaurant linen, hotel labor protection, laundry bag, down products, hotel restaurant linen, hotel uniform, etc.
8. Hotel decoration design exhibition area
Decoration design company, hotel building decoration materials, architectural art installation, garden landscape, hotel soft decoration, space decoration art, interior design, new technologies and new products of hotel supplies industry, offline experience area of hotel supplies, mobile Hotel, home stay, etc.
9. Smart hotel exhibition area
Mobile Internet technology system, multimedia information release system, hotel computer management system, television monitoring system, security monitoring system, conference audio-visual equipment, song ordering system, advertising machine, self-service check-in machine, various door locks, room cards, power switch, hotel WiFi, fire fighting equipment, safe, hotel management and consulting services, etc.
10. Food and Beverage Exhibition Area
Coffee, tea, liquor, food and Beverage Exhibition Area: coffee food, coffee utensils, ice cream equipment, snowflake machine, water bar equipment, beverage dispensers, coffee sugar, dairy products, wine, Baijiu, red wine, beer, snack food, convenience food, canned food, health food, food additives, fruit and vegetable products, tea, tea sets, tea drinks, etc.
Catering franchise and food materials exhibition area: hotpot chain enterprises, Chinese food chain enterprises, Western food chain enterprises, fast food chain enterprises, ice products chain enterprises, service category, restaurant wireless service system, catering charge management system, touch screen ordering, PDA wireless ordering, catering information management system, POS terminal display system, seasoning category, restaurant decoration and other related supporting industries; Fresh raw materials and semi-finished products, quick finished products, aquatic products and seafood, refrigerated and frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, canned and condiments, soft drinks, functional drinks, high-end drinking water, food packaging, processing technology and logistics distribution.
Exhibition area of food packaging containers and packaging equipment: disposable packaging boxes, fresh-keeping and environment-friendly tableware, paper cups and paper packaging containers; Plastic cups, tea cups, etc; Aluminum foil products such as aluminum foil box, aluminum foil paper, aluminum foil lunch box, packaging cans, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers, food packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging design, sealing machinery, inkjet machinery, automatic packaging machine, filling packaging machine, beer and beverage filling equipment and other packaging machinery.

Costs & Precautions

1. Standard booth, 9 square meters each, RMB 8800 (corner booth plus 20%). The booth is equipped with a stand, two stools, a light tube, a power socket and a lintel of the company name.

2. Bare space booth, 9 square meters each, RMB 8400, starting from 27 square meters, without any equipment. In addition, the construction management fee of 30 yuan per square meter shall be paid to the exhibition hall, and the electric box fee and electricity fee shall be paid to the exhibition hall.
Advertising expenses
This exhibition has a large scale, complete products and more than 200000 buyers. The effect of on-site advertising can not be ignored! The large spray-painted advertisement and truss welcome board in front of the exhibition hall are always the most eye-catching. When you come to the exhibition hall, you always habitually take photos and release the circle of friends. During the investment promotion of various gold advertising positions inside and outside the exhibition hall from December 12 to 14, friends who need advertising can contact manager Xu.

Advertising forms: 1. 3000 yuan / single side / exhibition period (1.5m wide * 2.5m high, remarks: 1 / 3 of the layout is the exhibition guide and 3 / 2 of the layout is the enterprise advertisement); 2. 28000 yuan / single side / exhibition period (6m long * 3M high, remarks: 1 / 3 of the layout is the exhibition guide and 3 / 2 of the layout is the enterprise advertisement); 3. 5000 yuan / 1000 single side advertisements of handbags; 4. 5800 yuan / outdoor banners / exhibition period.
matters needing attention
1. After the booth of the exhibitors is confirmed, the exhibitors shall pay 50% of the booth fee as a deposit within 5 days, and the balance shall be paid two months before the opening of the exhibition. The organizer will not guarantee the confirmed booth if the payment is overdue. Please forgive me for the change of booth.
2. When paying the booth fee, exhibitors should remit money through the bank. When using a check, please fill in the name of the sponsor in the head of the check. Do not pay cash or check without head, otherwise the economic losses caused by this will be borne by the exhibitors.
3. Payee: Guangdong foxing yingyao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
4. If the fair cannot be held on schedule due to force majeure, such as plague, earthquake or government action, and it needs to be postponed, the booth fee paid by Party B cannot be refunded and can only be used as the fee for participating in the postponed fair.
5. In view of the overall needs of the conference or special reasons, both parties negotiate to change the booth location, and the exhibitors need to cooperate.
6. Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer their booths by themselves, and are not allowed to bring inflammable, explosive, toxic and other articles and products that are inconsistent with the declared exhibition products into the venue. Otherwise, the organizer has the right to clear them out of the exhibition hall, the exhibition fee will not be refunded, and reserves the right to investigate the responsibilities of exhibitors.
7. No products other than toys, aircraft, bags, clothing, binoculars, cutting tools, Juicers, jewelry, necklaces and other hotel supplies are allowed to participate in the exhibition. Once found, the organizer has the right to clear them out of the exhibition hall and the amount paid will not be refunded.
8. Exhibitors are not allowed to display products that infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If found, the organizer has the right to seal up the infringing products or clear them out of the exhibition hall, and the exhibition fee will not be refunded.  
the measure of area: 300000 square meters


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