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2022 China Langfang rehabilitation and elderly care and assistive devices Expo

Biology / Medicine / Health


2022/10/13 - 10/15 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Langfang · Hebei Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHebeiLangfang Middle section of Youyi Road, Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province


China Medical Equipment Association, China social welfare and elderly care service association, China Association of rehabilitation aids


Langfang Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd

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At present, there is little research on the development of rehabilitation aids in China, and there is a lack of analysis on the relevant needs of the elderly and the disabled. On this basis, select more excellent rehabilitation nursing institutions to investigate the work of rehabilitation aids, and analyze the development status of rehabilitation aids in elderly care institutions in China. Finally, it provides better opinions and suggestions for the development of rehabilitation and elderly care aids in China from the perspectives of the government and elderly care institutions.

Therefore, the 2022 China Langfang rehabilitation and elderly care aids Expo will be held in Langfang City, Hebei Province from October 13 to 15, 2022 to actively respond to the aging population, meet the needs of rehabilitation services for the disabled, and build a comprehensive display platform for rehabilitation, nursing, elderly care and AIDS.

Display content
The conference focuses on new technologies and applications of global rehabilitation, assistive devices, elderly care and health industries, leads the future development of the industry, helps enterprises to explore unlimited business opportunities, builds a new platform for industrial international cooperation and exchange, displays advanced products and high-end technologies at home and abroad, promotes negotiation and cooperation between industry enterprises, and attracts international authoritative organizations and leading technology enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

Merchants invitation and audience organization
Manufacturers, distributors, distributors, terminal providers, service providers, international traders, investment managers, etc. covering products and services. Relying on huge and effective data support, form an effective exhibition structure of pre exhibition matching, in exhibition interview and post exhibition transaction; Build an effective communication platform for businesses / institutions!

1. Audience Source
Specialized hospital system: rehabilitation hospital, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, children's Hospital, geriatric hospital, orthopedic hospital and maternal and child health hospital.
General hospital system: rehabilitation department, physiotherapy department, neurosurgery department, orthopedics department, sports medicine department, traditional Chinese medicine department and geriatrics department.
Primary medical system: County People's Hospital, county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, township health center, rehabilitation center, nursing center and clinic.
Rehabilitation system of disabled persons' Federation: Disabled Persons' federations at all levels; Rehabilitation department, auxiliary equipment center, rehabilitation center, special education vocational school.
Social security system: prosthetic centers at all levels, rehabilitation hospitals, Rongjun hospitals, children's welfare homes, nursing homes and nursing homes.
Human social security system: industrial injury rehabilitation hospitals at all levels, industrial injury rehabilitation centers, industrial injury identification centers, industrial injury treatment centers and rehabilitation institutions.
Special education system: blind, deaf, dumb, intelligent and special education schools; Rehabilitation and care institutions for children with autism.
Sports rehabilitation system: Sports bureaus at all levels, sports hospitals, sports institutes, individual sports training centers and clubs.
Medical College System: Department of rehabilitation medicine of Medical College, affiliated hospitals, research institutes, Department of physical therapy and clinical nursing of nursing school.
Domestic trade channel system: medical equipment trading companies, traditional Chinese medicine clinics, medical equipment wholesale city, personal medical supplies network providers.
Foreign trade channel system: international trade group, industry supplier, product supplier, regional supplier and medical equipment import and export company.
Foreign trade terminal system: rehabilitation service providers, medical equipment leasing companies, online direct selling companies and foreign trade purchasing companies.
OEM and ODM: overseas medical device manufacturers and brands, medical device importers, domestic foreign trade purchasing companies.
Association organizations: international official and unofficial welfare organizations, domestic rehabilitation related societies, organizations of the disabled and NGOs for the disabled.
2. Publicity and promotion - top ten publicity channels to help enterprises develop faster
The conference will make a lot of investment, establish good cooperative relations with thousands of media in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, face the national medical consumer market, publicize the concept of the conference and exhibition, and deeply spread the products and brands of exhibitors. While expanding the popularity and influence of the conference, we also provide every exhibitor with various value-added publicity services before, during and after the exhibition.
Set up an audience organization department and build a buyer data center. According to the exhibits and expected buyers of exhibitors, accurately match potential buyers and invite purchasing merchants to visit. Effectively increasing the on-site trading volume is the key to the expansion of exhibitors' income.
1. Through the data resources of the organizers and co organizers, enterprises in relevant industries are widely invited to participate in the exhibition, and government departments, authoritative experts, industry associations, industry application units, media and investment institutions are invited to visit and negotiate;
2. Actively contact and visit key enterprises at home and abroad, strengthen the invitation, ensure that enterprises can participate in the exhibition as required, maximize the industrial influence of the exhibition area, and strive to reach the world-class level in scale and level;
3. The special investment promotion team collects the information of exhibitors of relevant exhibitions all over the country and makes an all-round invitation to the target enterprises by means of telephone, fax, e-mail, letter and visit;
4., through the influential industry magazines, websites, WeChat official account, etc., we will launch advertising and promote cooperation to achieve the purpose of wide publicity.
5. Strengthen the publicity of the website, let more domestic and foreign enterprises know about the exhibition through the network, and attract them to participate in the exhibition;
6. Send exhibition information purposefully through SMS, fax and e-mail mass sending system;
7. Print a large number of invitation letters and visit tickets, distribute them in similar professional exhibitions and professional markets or mail them to professional customers.


1. Rehabilitation equipment and treatment
Rehabilitation engineering equipment, cognitive skills training aids, exercise / muscle strength / balance training equipment, exercise therapy, spa facilities, magnetic field treatment equipment, phototherapy AIDS, cold therapy AIDS

2. Nursing and medical aids
Bedsore prevention cushions, cushions, mattresses, bedsore treatment supplies, handling AIDS, nursing beds, respiratory AIDS, medication AIDS, wound care products, urinary incontinence aids, compression socks and related products

3. Elderly care supplies and services
Aged furniture, household medical products, health care institutions and health management system, elderly health care products

4. Barrier free living facilities
Barrier free design and planning, ramps, handrails, elevators, lifting platforms, wheelchair lifts, emergency rescue services, safety systems, smart homes, barrier free sanitary facilities

5. Child rehabilitation aids
Child rehabilitation treatment system, child wheelchairs, child care beds and mattresses, child crawling AIDS, child seats, cushions and accessories

6. Drugs and Biotechnology
Chinese patent medicine, cancer medicine, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, digestive and metabolic drugs, pharmaceutical packaging technology, medical consumables, medical excipients and APIs

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth: 5000 yuan / plane (9 ㎡)
Special booth 500 yuan / plane (36 ㎡)


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