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2022 China Hangzhou international green building energy conservation and new building materials exhibition

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2022/06/15 - 06/17 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Hangzhou · Zhejiang Hangzhou International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangHangzhou 353 Benjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou


Beijing Chuangjia Exhibition Co., Ltd


Beijing Chuangjia Exhibition Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jianke Exhibition Co., Ltd


Hangzhou Jianke Exhibition Co., Ltd



Hangzhou has benefited from the opportunity of "post summit, pre Asian Games". A grand event has created a city. Hangzhou has become the third Chinese city to host the Asian Games after Beijing and Guangzhou. The development of the whole city is changing with each passing day, with the construction of ten new towns, tower cranes and forests in the whole city, hundreds of kilometers of subway planning, a large number of expressways, schools, complexes, transportation education and other supporting facilities in urgent need of improvement, It has created unprecedented market demand for infrastructure construction, building materials and other related industries.
2022 China Hangzhou International Building Energy Conservation and new building materials exhibition is scheduled to be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center (the main venue of G20 Hangzhou Summit) from June 15 to 17, 2022. The planned exhibition area of the exhibition is 60000 square meters, focusing on the display of building energy conservation and new building materials, new technologies, new processes and new products, so as to build a beneficial platform for excellent brand enterprises to participate in the construction of the Asian Games, explore the market based on the Yangtze River Delta, and build a connection between supply and demand, negotiation and exchange.

Exhibition features:
The Expo operates in a market-oriented manner under the guidance of the government to stimulate the vitality of the market. Based on the specific demand projects refined by urban construction departments at all levels, this Expo operates in a market-oriented manner under the guidance of the government to stimulate the vitality of the market. At the same time, the exhibition will take the form of "on-site Exhibition + academic forum", which will lead the exhibition and promote the exhibition, so as to provide market opportunities for supply and demand docking in terms of technical cooperation, investment promotion and franchise.
Central level media: CCTV, people's daily, economic daily, China Daily, etc
Local media: Zhejiang TV station, Hangzhou TV station, Zhejiang Daily, Qianjiang Evening News, etc
Portal media: Baidu, Phoenix, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Netease, etc
We media: Expo wechat, microblog, today's headlines, baidu 100, cooperative we media units
Customized services: in order to enhance the reputation of the enterprise brand, there are various forms of activities, including: opening ceremony, Summit Forum, exhibition, supply and demand docking meeting, product technology promotion meeting, on-site investigation, cooperation signing, technical catalog release, media interview, etc.


Building thermal insulation system: external wall external thermal insulation system, external wall self insulation system, curtain wall thermal insulation system, roof waterproof thermal insulation system, thermal insulation coating external thermal insulation system, thermal insulation integrated system and its supporting products, construction supporting machines and tools, building ceramic external wall composite thermal insulation system, all kinds of thermal insulation mortar, flame retardant thermal insulation board, heat radiation resistant curtain wall materials, aerated concrete block, light composite thermal insulation block, light concrete block Light lime sand brick, organic thermal insulation material, inorganic thermal insulation material, etc;
New internal and external wall materials: aluminum plastic plate, aluminum alloy decorative plate, aluminum zinc plated steel plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, copper decorative plate, and other metal decorative plates; Ceramic board, polymer exterior wall decorative board, PVC exterior wall decorative board, wood plastic exterior wall hanging board, diatomite, sandstone exterior wall, asbestos free calcium silicate board, fiber cement board, mineral wool sound-absorbing board, paper gypsum board, glass magnesium board, light steel keel, paint keel, gypsum block, light partition strip, metal sandwich board, high-performance concrete, decorative concrete and other new exterior wall decorative materials; Interior and exterior wall coatings, color finishing mortar, real stone paint, interior and exterior wall finishing materials, etc;
Dry mixed mortar and equipment: warm mixed mortar, special dry mixed mortar, ready mixed mortar and auxiliary materials, putty, interface agent, grouting material, ceramic tile adhesive, joint filler, protective agent, diatomite, mortar production and construction equipment, mortar raw materials and additives, etc;
Roof and three-dimensional greening materials: photovoltaic tiles, solar photovoltaic integration, roof siphon rainwater drainage system, rainwater collection and utilization system and equipment, overhead separation materials, various roof tile products, roof greening system, planting media, planting plant materials, garden and forest landscape materials, new wood plastic materials, etc;
Safety protection fence: new type shed fence, wooden fence, PVC fence, electronic fence, plastic steel fence, iron fence, stainless steel fence, aluminum alloy fence, plastic fence, vinyl fence, bamboo fence, concrete fence, guardrail tube and other products;
Building parts: adhesives, anchor bolts, fasteners, glass fiber mesh cloth, building additives, cellulose, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth 3mx3m: RMB 7800 / piece
Booth equipment: two spotlights, one paper basket, exhibition board, lintel, one table and two chairs, lighting, security, cleaning, etc.

Indoor light floor (from 36 ㎡): RMB 780 / ㎡
Description: no exhibition facilities are provided in the open space. The special decoration management fee and water and electricity fee charged by the exhibition hall shall be borne by the exhibitor and its special decoration contractor.
matters needing attention
Guest invitation:
Leaders or leaders in charge of urban government in the Yangtze River Delta, leaders or leaders in charge of Zhejiang provincial government, leaders and experts of relevant national societies and associations;
Main responsible comrades and responsible comrades in charge of urban planning, construction and management departments of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai cities (counties, cities and districts); Responsible comrades of relevant business competent departments (sections);
Management and technical personnel of urban and rural planning, survey and design, real estate development, municipal infrastructure construction, operation enterprises and other units;
Technical and management personnel of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industry associations, academic groups and other institutions.
Invite relevant leaders and principals of major central enterprises, institutions in East China, design institutes / institutes, major highway / traffic construction units, construction companies, engineering companies, installation companies, municipal engineering companies, etc;
Invite scientific research institutions, experts, scholars, engineers, distribution agents and other relevant persons;

the measure of area: 60000m2scale: it is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 60000 square meters, 1000 participating brands and 60000 visitors. Build a one-stop procurement platform for all categories of China's daily necessities in the field of Commerce and trade


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