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AMR 2022 international automobile maintenance testing and diagnosis equipment, parts and beauty maintenance Exhibition

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2022/05/27 - 05/30 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Tianjin Jinnan District National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) ChinaTianjinJinnan District 888 Guozhan Avenue, Jinnan District, Tianjin


China automobile maintenance equipment industry association, China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association


Beijing Tonglian International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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After nearly 40 years of growth, AMR international automobile maintenance, testing and diagnosis equipment, parts and beauty maintenance Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as AMR international automobile maintenance and auto parts exhibition) has become the preferred business platform and annual event in the field of China's automobile aftermarket. Over the years, it has unremittingly helped the industry to grow and go to the world. The Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, where the exhibition takes root, will develop rapidly under the promotion of policies in recent years, with booming supply and demand in the automobile market. In 2022, AMR exhibition will be moved to Tianjin to seize the new outlet with innovation. Under the theme direction of "new appearance, new concept, new experience, whole industry, high quality and high specification", AMR exhibition will appear in a new attitude and continue to play its profound and positive influence.

The exhibition will consolidate the foundation, integrate innovation, and strive to build a professional exhibition and exchange platform for China's automotive aftermarket under the new pattern of dual cycle development, so as to jointly deal with the upgrading and transformation with the industry. In 2022, the exhibition is expected to gather more than 1000 well-known enterprises and institutions from the whole industry chain of automobile aftermarket, covering the fields of maintenance, beauty maintenance, product modification, spare parts and supply chain, new energy after-sales and commercial vehicles. Guided by innovation drive, it will build a high-standard whole industry chain docking platform and create more diversified cooperation opportunities for enterprises.


Automobile maintenance equipment and products
Vehicle maintenance tools
Automobile wheel maintenance equipment and products
Automobile tire repair equipment and products
Automobile inspection equipment
Automotive spraying products, coatings and repair products
Automobile maintenance and cleaning equipment
Automobile beauty maintenance products
Special machine tools for automobile maintenance, automobile maintenance related software, automobile maintenance teaching aids, exhaust and purification system, automobile service chain operation, automobile maintenance related training, new energy vehicle maintenance
Automotive supplies and modification
Auto parts

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the measure of area: 110000 square meters


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