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Autumn exhibition of the 20th China (Luohe) Food Expo 2022

Food / Beverage / Wine


2022/05/16 - 05/18 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Luohe · Henan Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHenanLuohe Songshan East Branch Road, Songjiang New Area, Luohe City


Henan Provincial Bureau of Expo Affairs


Henan Expo Bureau Co., Ltd



China (Luohe) Food Expo is a comprehensive food exhibition co sponsored by China Food Industry Association, China Federation of Commerce, China food and packaging machinery industry association, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of food, soil and livestock, and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, undertaken by Luohe Municipal People's government and undertaken by Henan Expo Bureau Co., Ltd. and won the support of Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Henan Provincial Department of Commerce With the strong support of Henan provincial market supervision bureau and other provincial units, it has high popularity and strong influence in China.

Luohe City, where the exhibition is held, has a developed food industry and is the first famous Chinese Food City in China. It has bred a number of leading enterprises such as Wanzhou Shuanghui group, the world's largest meat processing enterprise, nanjiecun group, the national famous agricultural product processing enterprise, and Weilong food, the first brand of spicy snack food in China; It has attracted many enterprises such as Coca Cola, Cargill, DuPont, COFCO group, Taiwan unification, Wangwang group and so on. The food industry has become the first pillar industry in Luohe City.

Since 2003, Luohe City has held food fairs for 19 consecutive years with food as the medium, and has made remarkable achievements. "Food Expo" has been listed as the key guide and support exhibition by the Ministry of Commerce for five times, and has been rated as "top ten industrial exhibitions" and "most brand value exhibitions" by China Convention and Exhibition wealth forum. In 2018, it was also rated as one of the "40 years of reform and opening up, 40 brand exhibitions" by the China Convention and Exhibition Industry Conference; China Food Industry Association releases food industry information and data during the conference every year, which has become the "wind vane" of the domestic food industry.

From May 16 to 18, 2022, the 20th China (Luohe) Food Expo will be held in Luohe International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total planned exhibition area of 45000 square meters, equivalent to 2400 standard booths. At that time, the opening ceremony, Food Industry Development Summit Forum under the new development pattern of double cycle, 2021 China (Luohe) food machinery industry development conference and Summit Forum, Luohe city information description and project signing ceremony will be held Leisure food industry summit, cold chain logistics industry technology innovation summit, leisure food industry procurement precision docking meeting, beverage and dairy industry procurement precision docking meeting and other key activities.

This Food Expo will further improve the organization level and service level of the exhibition, make every effort to build a cooperation platform for commodity trading, information sharing, technical exchange and investment attraction in the whole food industry chain, and make due contributions to accelerating the recovery of the food industry and boosting the confidence of industry development!


Professional gift boxes and packaging exhibition area: biscuits, cakes, bread and gift boxes; Egg roll, twist, egg yolk puff, pie and gift box. Ham sausage, meat products and gift boxes; Milk, yogurt, beverage, concoction, honey, wine and gift box; Nuts fried goods, candy chocolate and gift boxes; Cereals, delicacies, imported food, local specialties and gift boxes; Poultry and egg products, agricultural and sideline products and gift boxes; Wooden box, blister box, ceramic box, iron box, bamboo box, storage box, color box, plastic bag, paper bag, non-woven bag, bottle, etc; Packaging paper, PVC film and other packaging materials and packaging equipment.
Leisure and baked goods exhibition area: baked goods, puffed goods, nuts, sweets, candy, chocolate, biscuits, preserves, grains, preserved fruits, bird's nest, nutritional food series, etc; Cake, moon cake, bread, steamed bread, dim sum, twist, crisp cake, baking material, cake butter, baking accessories, franchising and so on.
Wine and Beverage Exhibition Area: domestic Baijiu, wine, beer, functional liquor, imported wine, carbonated beverage, water, tea drink, fruit juice, normal temperature milk, functional beverage, coffee beverage, dairy product and so on.
Food processing machinery exhibition area: food processing machinery, packaging machinery, packaging materials and products, auxiliary production equipment, refrigeration, refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment, carton machinery, plastic machinery, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Bare land: 400 yuan / m2, starting from 36 m2.
Standard booth: 4000 yuan / booth (9 ㎡), with an additional charge of 500 yuan / booth at the corner.
Note: the standard booth includes three coaming boards, one lintel board, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220V / 5A power socket, venue cleaning and security services.


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