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The 13th Beijing International Printing Exhibition in 2022
Industry: Media / Advertising / Publishing
Time: 2022/03/29 - 03/31 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 6 North Third Ring East Road, Beijing
Sponsor:Donghao Lansheng Exhibition Group Beijing huazhan Expo Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd
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The 13th Beijing sign & amp; graphics show 2022 (BSS 2022 for short) and the 13th Beijing international advertising logo and graphic quick printing packaging office equipment exhibition in 2022 are one of the international professional exhibitions with great industry influence and scale in China.

Beijing International Canton and printing exhibition is hosted by Beijing huazhan Expo Co., Ltd. of Donghao Lansheng Convention and exhibition group. Since its establishment in 2012, it has been successfully held for 12 sessions, which has continuously improved in terms of exhibition scale, exhibition effect and brand influence. It has become a comprehensive and large-scale exhibition and trading platform leading the new equipment, new technology, new materials and new media in the advertising, logo, graphic fast printing and LED lighting display industry in the north. The exhibition is a large-scale international advertising graphic industry exhibition approved by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and won the honorary title of "guided and recommended brand exhibition" issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce. In 2020, the exhibition won the honorary title of "exhibition project (industry famous activity) certification" again by China Exhibition Hall association!
In 2022 Beijing international wide printing exhibition, four major theme exhibitions were held at the same time, namely 2022 Beijing International Graphic fast printing and office equipment exhibition, 2022 Beijing international textile digital printing technology exhibition, 2022 Beijing International LED intelligent lighting and smart city lighting exhibition, 2022 Beijing international image post and art frame industry exhibition. There are 8 professional pavilions and China International Exhibition Center (static) Anzhuang Hall) hall 1a, 1b, 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h, 8a and 8b, with an exhibition area of about 40000 square meters, gathers industries such as advertising signs, graphic quick printing and office equipment, LED lighting and display, digital printing, post image and art frame industry, creates an exchange platform for the whole industrial chain upstream and downstream of advertising graphic images and a grand trade procurement event, and gathers more than 400 well-known enterprises in the advertising industry at home and abroad Negotiation, cooperation and purchase of exhibitors and more than 40000 professional visitors.



Theme of this exhibition: four theme exhibitions will be held at the same time, eight exhibition halls will be built, and the whole upstream and downstream industry chain of "advertising logo, graphic quick printing and office, led and digital printing" will be built


The exhibition strives to build a one-stop trading platform for the advertising logo industry, promote advertising logo, graphic quick printing and office, led, digital printing, upstream and downstream whole industry chain exchange platform and trade procurement event.


◆ advertising production equipment

Digital UV inkjet equipment, digital printing equipment, image photo equipment, engraving and cutting equipment, laser engraving equipment, heat transfer equipment, acrylic blister equipment, desktop printing technology and equipment, large format printing equipment, 3D printing equipment, screen printing and heat transfer equipment, mounting, splicing, binding equipment, fast printing equipment, card equipment, 3D gusset production equipment.

◆ advertising media and materials

Inkjet cloth, light box cloth, photo paper, reflective materials, inkjet photo ink, advertising film paste, adhesive paste, timely paste, light box film, light box paste, acrylic plate, PVC foam plate, aluminum plastic plate, plexiglass, three-dimensional plate, photo paper and indoor and outdoor printing consumables, cutting tools and accessories, etc

◆ identification system and luminous words

Design and manufacture of identification profile, guidance system, indication signboard, digital signboard, various metal words and luminous words, signboard equipment and equipment, accessories and materials of identification system.

◆ light box products

Various card light boxes, pull light boxes, advertising ultra-thin light boxes, signboard light boxes, ordering light boxes, LCD light boxes, LED light boxes, new media light boxes, etc.

◆ exhibition equipment

Exhibition racks, cabinets, portable exhibition equipment, air models, commercial space design and decoration materials, shelves and commodity display cabinets, promotion equipment, commercial automation technology equipment

◆ graphic fast printing equipment and materials, graphic office equipment and materials

Digital fast printing equipment, pre press equipment, post press equipment and related accessories and consumables, personalized printing equipment and materials, graphic fast printing application system and software, office equipment and materials, etc.

◆ digital display, new media technology equipment, advertising technology application in specific scenes

Holographic projection, interactive multimedia, network media advertising, augmented reality AR, virtual reality VR, 3D display, multimedia information release system, interactive touch system, touch all-in-one machine, touch panel, animation advertising, direct mail (DM) media advertising, LCD and touch screen advertising machine, professional scene advertising application equipment and equipment at airports, stations, docks, subways, buildings and squares System, etc.

◆ LED application technology and large screen

LED lighting, LED display screen, LED equipment, LED advertising light source and application products, LED display system and technical application.

◆ advertising gifts, printing and packaging and advertising production, books and gallery software

Advertising gifts, promotional products, printing and packaging, special paper, packaging paper, new materials, reproduction of Chinese and foreign artworks and famous paintings, digital image production, inkjet photo output production, advertising graphic design, output proofing printing, digital short version and personalized printing, outdoor advertising engineering production, three-dimensional image production, heat transfer printing, screen printing production, production of other advertising industries, advertising Books, library software, color management system

◆ post image and art frame industry

Frame art mounting: picture frame lines, cardboard, hardware accessories, processing equipment, traditional Chinese painting mounting, back plate materials, glass and acrylic, adhesive tape, imported Museum grade and protection grade mounting materials, etc

Post image category: data scanning and acquisition equipment, micro jet printer, ink consumables, art paper, printing equipment, photo album equipment, modern image mounting materials, etc

Copyright Trading: copyright authorization of 100 artists' works, art derivatives

Finished decorative painting: finished decorative painting, physical stereoscopic painting, embroidery, printmaking, etc

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