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2022 the 14th China (Jiangxi) automation and machine tool Expo

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2022/07/09 - 07/11 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Nanchang · Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center ChinaJiangxiNanchang 1315 huaiyushan Avenue, Jiulonghu new town, Honggutan new area, Nanchang



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2022 China (Jiangxi) digital industry expo (English: CIDF) will be held in Nanchang Greenland International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 9 to 11, 2022. Manufacturing is the foundation of a modern country. Under the national strategy of "made in China 2025", despite the epidemic, China's industrial digitization will usher in unprecedented development opportunities! China proposes to build a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other; on the basis of realizing industrialization, China is also constantly upgrading and promoting high-quality development.
Jiangxi's industry is in the critical stage of climbing over the ridge and transformation and upgrading, accelerating the construction of a strong province in science and technology and industry, and reshaping the brilliance of "made in Jiangxi". Focus on advantageous industries such as aviation, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, new energy and new materials, vigorously implement the high-quality leap forward development action of "2 + 6 + n" industry, maintain the basic stability of the proportion of manufacturing industry, and accelerate the construction of a strong industrial province. Build a trillion level Beijing Kowloon (Jiangxi) electronic information industry belt; support the optimization and upgrading of the automobile industry, and vigorously develop equipment manufacturing industries such as rail transit, a new generation of robots, high-end CNC machine tools and advanced medical devices. Based on the front-end materials and back-end market, cultivate the industrial chain of integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and application. Develop a new generation of artificial intelligence technology, and accelerate the development of industrial clusters such as intelligent networked automobile and digital industry.
Based on China's industrial manufacturing market and serving the whole industrial chain of industrial manufacturing, Jiangxi industry expo has set up exhibition areas for aerospace equipment, CNC machine tools, robots, industrial automation, laser processing, automotive equipment, plastic packaging, fasteners, intelligent logistics, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing. Jiangxi industry expo has launched the global buyer invitation program and established a global buyer invitation program of up to 2 More than 10000 buyer databases, with the sole pursuit of reaching transactions for exhibitors, invite high-end buyers for exhibitors all over the world to help exhibitors reach transactions. The holding of Jiangxi Industrial Expo was reported by nearly 100 media at home and abroad, such as Xinhua news agency, people's daily, CCTV, China Daily, China industrial control network, Asian control engineering, electromechanical business daily, CNC machine tool market, Sina, Sohu, people's network and so on.


Automation technology: industrial automation system, motion and control system, positioner / controller, servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter, instrument, connector, industrial network, fieldbus, pneumatic components, transmission equipment, safety equipment / screen, etc; Connection technology: tightening equipment, welding, welding table, riveting, stamping, gluing equipment, fasteners, precision parts, aluminum profiles, profile accessories, disassembly technology, etc;

Transmission and control: rotary indexing table, guiding equipment and components, bearings, gears, chains, transmission belts, slideways, coordinate worktables, linear motors, reducers, motors, air compressors, quick connectors, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and components, etc;

Transmission Logistics: transmission Logistics: material transmission system and equipment, component transmission system and equipment, handling equipment, vacuum handling equipment, lifting equipment, sorting equipment, automatic navigation vehicle transmission technology, conveyor belt / transmission rod, clamping tools, automatic packaging equipment, etc; Monitoring technology: machine vision system, automatic identification device, electronic detection system and equipment, software, pneumatic monitoring equipment, free programmable controller, sensor, switch, etc;

Industrial Internet industrial Internet: cloud computing and big data cloud, industrial Ethernet, industrial computer, industrial software, etc.; assembly technology and system integration: assembly system and equipment, assembly tools (electric, pneumatic, manual tools, tool accessories, etc.); disassembly technology, sorting technology, processing technology.

Machine tools: lathe, milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine, grinder, machining center, sheet metal and laser cutting equipment, numerical control system, metal forming equipment, flexible manufacturing unit and manufacturing system, optical production and information technology, special processing machine tools, numerical control bending machine, numerical control plate shearing machine, flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, laser repair and laser cleaning technology, additive and 3D printing equipment Equipment, abrasive tools, superhard materials, laser manufacturing and laser cleaning technology, machine tool accessories and auxiliary devices, mold and plate processing equipment, surface treatment and forming equipment, testing instruments and measuring tools, forging, die-casting machinery, other mechanical processing equipment and technology.

Costs & Precautions

Ordinary standard booth: ¥ 7800 / 9 ㎡ double opening position plus 10%
Domestic indoor light floor (36 ㎡ from rent) ¥ 800 / ㎡


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