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2014 Indonesia International Tire and rubber industry exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2014/03/26 - 03/29 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Overseas Asia Jakarta International Expo IndonesiaJakarta Jakarta International Expo
Sponsor:Gem International Exhibition Company
Organizer:Gem International Exhibition Company


INAPA is the largest one-stop exhibition marketing of auto parts, accessories, equipment and services in ASEAN
Platform. It has attracted a large number of automobile manufacturers, dealers and repairers from Southeast Asia and even the global automobile industry chain
Manage high quality buyers from workshop to car care service center. The exhibition was awarded by the Ministry of industry of Indonesia and Indonesia
Association and association of auto parts industry in West Asia, Institute of automotive engineers in Indonesia, etc
Alliance support.
Joined Tyre & rubberindonesia Theme Exhibition for the first time in 2012 to further improve
The one-stop exhibition marketing platform of the automobile industry makes up for the lack of professional tire and Rubber Exhibition in Indonesia
The blank of the exhibition. Therefore, the first international tire and rubber industry exhibition in 2012 has made great achievements
Success has become an important part of INAPA, as well as Indonesia and even Southeast Asia
Industry vane of tire and rubber industry. Taking part in Tyre & rubberindonesia is one of the best ways to open up the booming Indonesian market for your brand.
Market background:
Since Indonesia regained Fitch's investment grade status, investment in many industries has been growing rapidly. Among them, the automobile manufacturing industry includes Toyota, Honda, Dafa, Mitsubishi, general motors,
Both Ford and Tata have proposed their future investment in Indonesia. These companies have announced plans to build new assembly plants and launch new models aimed at the fast-growing middle class in Indonesia
Class. In 2012, Indonesia's car sales are expected to reach 1 million, which will make Indonesia one of the largest markets in the world. The Indonesian government has also announced an environmental car program (low price and
Green car). Indonesia is expected to become a large-scale production base of hybrid vehicles by 2020.
Combined with various factors, including government policy support, Indonesia has become one of the most interesting markets for investors. In 2010, 850000 cars were sold for the first time in Indonesia
It is the largest auto market in ASEAN. The Indonesian government plans that Indonesia will become the main automobile production base in the ASEAN region. The government expects to produce 1 million cars in 2013, and by 2020, every
It produces 2 million cars a year.
According to the latest statistics of the Indonesian Automobile Industry Association, the sales volume of new cars in Indonesia reached 534800 in the first half of this year, up 28.06% year on year, exceeding
The sales target of 500000 vehicles predicted by the association has been set. The sales volume in June exceeded 100000, the highest in the first half of the year.


Tire and rubber: all kinds of tires, tires, rims, valves, and related products; natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, carbon black, additives, skeleton materials, etc.; rubber tubes, tapes, latex products, seals, rubber parts, miscellaneous parts, etc.; conveyor belts; canvas and rubber shoes; all kinds of industrial, agricultural, medical and life rubber products; rubber and plastic products manufacturing And mechanical testing equipment.

Costs & Precautions

Matters needing attention
(exhibitors can apply for "fund subsidy for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop international market" in China, and get 50% - 70% of booth fee after approval.)
The measure of area: 15000 M2scale: Jakarta International Exhibition Center


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