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2021 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/10/18 - 10/20 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shunyi District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - new pavilion ChinaBeijingShunyi District Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing saidI Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing saidI Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Since the first CWP was held in 2008, more and more wind power enterprises, experts, scholars and technical elites have joined the CWP family to discuss technology, share experience and plan for development, making CWP a real wind vane and barometer for the development of China's wind power industry.

CWP forum covers policy and market trends, industry hotspots, leading technologies, entrepreneur forum and other contents. It gathers the most intelligent brains of the global wind power industry, builds a dynamic global wind power network in the collision of ideas, and depicts a dynamic grand blueprint for the development of the industry.

From October 18 to 20, 2021, we sincerely invite people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of wind power in China and the world to join hands with us to seek industrial development and explore energy transformation.


● wind turbine
● generator
● blades
Gearbox / transmission system
Electrical equipment and control system
● pitch / yaw system
Brake system / hydraulic system
Cooling, lubrication and lightning protection
Composite materials, chemical raw materials, coatings and spraying equipment
Bearing / spindle / coupling
● tower, flange, hub, bolt and fastener
Engine hood
Cables, electronic components and instruments
Sensor equipment, carbon ring, carbon brush and seal
Converter / inverter
Power grid access / switch / power supply
Computer software
Elevator, engineering tools, safety protection and climbing tools
Other spare parts
Wind resource assessment / fan design
Engineering hoisting, logistics and operation management
Certification, consultation, finance and legal services
Academic institutions / associations / media
Other services

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


  • Telephone:010-88558115、88558131
  • Fax:010-88558181
  • E-mail:info@chinawind.org.cn


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