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The 7th Hangzhou new e-commerce conference and e-commerce Packaging Technology Expo 2020
Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper
Cycle: Twice a year
Time: 2020/12/29 - 12/31 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Hangzhou · Zhejiang Hangzhou International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangHangzhou 353 bengjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Sponsor:Hangzhou E-Commerce Association Hangzhou international new retail micro commerce Expo Organizing Committee Shanghai Jiyan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jiyan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Hangzhou Yiyan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Hangzhou e-commerce promotion association Hangzhou Marketing Association


With the rapid development of e-commerce industry and the growing online sales, the demand of e-commerce market for intelligent packaging and logistics technology is more urgent. Lelpe 2020 Hangzhou new e-commerce conference and e-commerce Packaging Technology Expo focus on e-commerce packaging automation, take away catering packaging, online goods packaging materials, green packaging, fresh cold chain packaging, Internet of things intelligent packaging, product tracking solutions, personalized packaging, etc. Since its establishment, lelpe2020 e-commerce packaging exhibition has been successfully held for six times along with "Hangzhou new e-commerce conference". It has developed into an industry brand event widely recognized and well-known by e-commerce packaging industry.
In order to enhance the deep integration of e-commerce and new retail and packaging, find the latest packaging design and publicity and material solutions, promote the development of retail terminal industry, actively respond to the national proposal to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, help Chinese retail enterprises realize transformation and upgrading, accelerate terminal reform, improve enterprise competitiveness, and better meet the growing needs of the masses The need for a better life. Under the leadership of competent departments at all levels, Hangzhou E-Commerce Association, organizing committee of Hangzhou international new retail micro commerce Expo, Hangzhou e-commerce promotion association, Hangzhou Marketing Association, Shanghai Jiyan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Jiyan Exhibition Co., Ltd. will hold the 7th Hangzhou new e-commerce conference and e-commerce package in Hangzhou International Expo Center from December 29 to 31, 2020 Packaging Technology Expo, focusing on product packaging, supply chain packaging and Optimization in the new retail era, is dedicated to the professional exhibition linking e-commerce, packaging and logistics. Through Products Show, trade matching, Summit Forum and industry awards, packaging can be realized Business development in the retail era, strive to build a benchmark business platform for packaging new value in the new retail economy era, and shape the brand power and influence of the exhibition.


Packaging materials for online products: paper cup, paper bag, paper holder, pulp molding, paper bowl, plastic cup, plastic bag, plastic bowl, plastic box, plastic bottle, PLA coated paper cup, PLA plastic cup, PLA heat resistant cup cover, packing box, soup cup, coffee cup, soybean milk cup, sauce cup, straw, plastic box, bamboo and wood meal box, fresh tray, high barrier packaging, closed container, melamine tableware, injection molding Tableware, 3D packaging box, sushi box, salad box, aluminum foil lunch box, aluminum foil film, aluminum foil bag, paper plastic packaging products, bottle cap, cup cap, POF heat shrinkable film, multilayer Freemasonry film and other catering packaging containers and packaging materials;
Fresh cold chain packaging: EPP incubator, thermal insulation bag, fresh food incubator, circulating cold chain box, various thermal insulation materials, vacuum packaging equipment, modified atmosphere packaging equipment, cold chain logistics supply chain, etc;
E-commerce packaging equipment: carton automatic molding machine, automatic packing machine, sealing machine, packer, palletizer, heat shrinkable packaging machine, winding packaging machine, paper cup machine, box making machine, intelligent back channel automatic packaging system, fruit and vegetable intelligent packaging solution, industrial automation robot, packaging vision, detection and control system, etc;
Green packaging: all kinds of environmental protection tableware, edible packaging materials, polylactic acid foam packaging, sugarcane pulp degradable tableware, renewable and sustainable plant fiber packaging, fresh-keeping packaging materials, biodegradable materials, aseptic packaging materials, nano packaging materials, fresh-keeping film, fresh-keeping bag, fresh-keeping box, etc;
Product tracking solutions: full traceability management, holographic label, anti-counterfeiting label technology, intelligent pallet, intelligent turnover box, intelligent packing box, intelligent environmental protection bag, intelligent seal, intelligent tape, labeling and coding equipment, barcode technology, RFID label and technology, intelligent tag TTI, signboard, etc;
Online product protection packaging: container filling bag, air column bag, bubble bag, express bag, foam filling particle, PU foam packaging, suspended fastening packaging, EPP, EPE, EVA, packing belt, sealing tape, binding belt, lifting belt, desiccant, anti-skid paper, winding film, etc;
Logistics packaging: foldable hollow board turnover box, shared circular plastic coaming box, plastic pallet, plastic turnover box, honeycomb paper pallet, honeycomb carton, paper corner protector, wooden pallet, wooden case, metal pallet, metal material box rack, storage cage, logistics trolley, etc;
Personalized packaging: unique design, customized new personalized packaging.

Costs & Precautions

Area a: 13800 / 9 square meters

Area B: 9800 / 9 square meters

Bare land1280 / m2 (from 36 m2)

Advertising expenses

Front cover: 23000 yuan; back cover: 18000 yuan; front cover: 15000 yuan

Second cover: 12000 yuan; third cover: 6000 yuan; full color: 3000 yuan

Black and white full page: 500 yuan

Other advertisements:(RMB)

Badge: 80000 yuan (exclusive)

Advertisement on the back of handbag: 40000 / 10000

Lifting rope: 20000 yuan / 10000 pieces

Display board advertisement (entrance of exhibition hall): 20000 / piece (size 80cm * 2m)

Independent display board advertisement (entrance of exhibition hall): 50000 / piece (size 12M * 4m)

Advertising at the entrance of the exhibition hall


Color flag outside the Museum: 3000 / face (from 10)

Floor sticker:20000/stage

the measure of area: 42000 square metersscale: 4 pavilions with 2000 international standard booths and 1200 well-known enterprises in the industry


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