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Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:2 Jiangnan Avenue, Nan'an District, Chongqing
Area:30000 M²
Location:China-Chongqing City-Nan'an District
Tel:023-62609071 / 62609000


Yingguan International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the main building of Southwest technology mall, surrounded by the beautiful eling Park and futuguan Park, close to the main national guest road of Chongqing, with a daily traffic volume of 50000 and a unique slant advertising position. It is an excellent advertising outlet. It is 20km away from the airport, 5km away from the wharf and 2km away from the railway station, with convenient transportation, which facilitates the organization of people flow and the transportation of conference loans and goods.

Since the Convention and Exhibition Center was launched in 1999, it has introduced professional exhibition organizers, attached great importance to management and communication, and received dozens of conferences and exhibitions. In the 99 real estate exhibition fair, it assisted the Organizing Committee in designing exhibition venues, personnel flow scheme and security measures. During the exhibition period, although it reached about 100000 person times a day, it still ensured the order of the whole venue and the complete success of the 99 real estate exhibition fair. It was highly praised by the leading departments and exhibitors. In the following summary, it was awarded the best cooperation unit award by the land and housing administration as a recognition of its exhibition ability and organization ability.

Sikom monitoring system is used in the exhibition hall in an all-round way. There are many control points and a wide range of monitoring areas. The operation condition in the exhibition hall can be grasped at any time, and all kinds of emergencies can be found and dealt with in time. At night, the infrared transmitter can tightly block all access channels to ensure the safety of exhibits. The fire control center is responsible for dealing with all fire hazards in the site. The smoke, temperature and automatic spray system are enough to meet the unexpected needs. The southwest technology mall, which has been transformed from an army to a local enterprise, has dozens of qualified and competent security personnel. Adhering to the consistent style of military management, it is a high-quality security team that can recruit, fight and win. It strengthens the security work of the exhibition from the software.

Wanchai Seafood Food Plaza, located on the second floor of Southwest technology mall, can provide more than 300 people with high-end self-service drinks. The food street in the park provides all kinds of mid-range catering services, which can meet the mid-range catering requirements of about 500 and large quantities of boxed rice orders. The yingguan three-star hotel in preparation will be opened in May and put into full use. At that time, more than 200 people can be accommodated, and it is adjacent to more than 10 three-star and four-star hotels in the city. It has signed a cooperation agreement, which can enjoy convenient and fast services and a large amount of discount. There is a business center on the first floor of the exhibition hall. While providing customers with basic services such as copying, typing, lettering, receiving and sending e-mail, it can also provide other services such as agency transportation and tourism for the far-reaching merchants, so that the exhibitors can make a comprehensive arrangement for the business during the meeting without leaving home. The parking lot with 650 parking spaces on the first and second floors can meet the needs of different models.

There are 5 floors of podium building in southwest technology mall, with a building area of more than 30000 square meters, and a total of 6000 square meters in front and back squares.

First floor: 3000m2 indoor, 200 standard exhibition rooms, 5000m2 outdoor, 200-250 standard exhibition rooms

Second floor: meeting room group area

Third floor: 2500m2 indoor, 150 standard exhibition rooms

Fourth floor: 3000m2 indoor with 200 standard exhibition rooms

A total of 550-600 indoor standard booths and 200-250 outdoor booths can be set up. The main exhibition area has an empty space of up to 3.5m, the exhibition hall has an empty space of 6m, and there is a special exhibition area with an empty space of up to 20m. Each column in the exhibition hall is equipped with internet interface, 220V power socket, telephone jack and cable TV jack, as well as the mainframe station established by Chongqing Mobile Communication Bureau, which has the ability of cable and wireless information link unblocked, ensuring the information transmission anytime and anywhere. Among them, the most representative 2m Internet interface is up to 650 in the whole exhibition hall. For the display and release of high and new technology and information industry, it can be said that the wings of the tiger are growing.

There are 5 international conference halls on the second floor of the exhibition hall, equipped with 6-channel simultaneous interpretation system to meet the requirements of international conferences. Mobile conference system, main control speech system, JBL top audio, Barco three gun data projector, voting and election system are enough to ensure that the audio-visual enjoyment of the whole venue can be improved, and the international Internet interface can be maintained to update the data of international and domestic websites in the same step, so that the speech or the release of new technologies and products can become the best image release of major enterprises Window.




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