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Tianjin Science and Technology Museum

Address:94 Longchang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
Area:40000 M²
Location:China-Tianjin City-Hexi District
Tel:022-28320315 / 022-28306104 / 022-28323705


Tianjin Science and Technology Museum was built in 1992. The first phase of the project was completed in September 1994. It was officially opened to the public on New Year's day in 1995. Mr. Chen Shengshen, a master of International Mathematics and a Chinese American, was once the honorary curator. Tianjin Science and Technology Museum covers an area of 40000 square meters, with a building area of 21000 square meters, including a permanent exhibition hall of 10000 square meters. It is the first large-scale modern comprehensive science popularization facility built in the mainland of China with its advanced level in building scale, number of exhibits and service functions. The main building of the museum is a bridge with a diameter of 30 meters. It is like a rising sun, symbolizing the future and hope of science and technology for the young generation. The main function of the museum is to carry forward the scientific spirit, popularize scientific knowledge, establish scientific ideas and cultivate scientific methods. Since the opening of the museum, 29 party and state leaders have visited the museum, and friends from home and abroad have also visited the museum, with an annual reception of 300000 visitors. Its role in improving the quality of national science and culture is increasingly obvious and widely praised by all sectors of society. Now, Tianjin Science and Technology Museum has become a major tourist attraction along the Bohai Sea and an important window for Tianjin to open to the outside world, and has been awarded the honorary titles of "national science popularization education base", "National Youth Science and technology education base", "national patriotism education base of primary and secondary schools", "national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction", etc. The exhibition hall is the main part of the museum, with a building area of 10000 square meters and a large space structure. The exhibition hall is divided into upper and lower floors. There are 13 exhibition areas according to different disciplines and professional technology categories, with more than 300 pieces (sets) of exhibits. The layout of the exhibition hall is magnificent, and the layout of the exhibition area has its own characteristics, which makes people enter the exhibition hall as if they are in the palace of science. Among them, the "Mathematics Department" built in August 2002, designed by Mr. Chen Shengshen himself, covers an area of 1100 square meters. It is composed of six parts: preface hall, mathematics history corridor, Chinese and foreign mathematicians, classical mathematics, modern mathematics, computer and its application, which attracts the attention of mathematicians at home and abroad. "Science and technology celebrity Park" and "hands on brain Park" can meet the needs of visitors of different ages and levels.  

Exhibition hall scale
40000 square meters




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