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IEC Ekaterinburg Expo

Address:Expo Blvd, 2 Ekaterinburg
Area:50000 M²
Tel:+7 (343) 215 79 98


Yekaterinburg International Exhibition Center is the largest exhibition hall in Ural, which was put into use in July 2011. It is currently the most famous modern exhibition hall in Russia. The building area and architectural style of the exhibition hall are second only to the exhibition center of Russia and the exhibition center of St. Petersburg.

Yekaterinburg International Exhibition Center is the most professional and modern exhibition center in Russia. It began to open in 2011. The design and development of the International Exhibition Center invited the best experts from Europe. They include Wulf bubuu simple? HTML? DOM? Voku? Amp? Partner architects from Germany and Jose asebilio Marin, an architect from Spain. The total area of the International Exhibition Center is 50000 meters, including four Pavilions (3x10000 square meters, 1x20000 square meters), three pavilions for exhibition, one for forum and conference activities, several large conference halls (ranging from 200 square meters to 1500 square meters), conference halls and a banquet hall with more than 250 seats.

In 2013, the second phase of the construction of the exhibition center has been completed, including the construction of several parliament halls, hotels and grand entrance halls with more than 3500 seats. The scale of the International Exhibition Center is very large, the technical facilities are very perfect, and the location is very convenient. It takes only 5 minutes to get to the International Airport and 15 minutes to the city center, which provides more powerful conditions for holding various forms of exhibitions with different complexity, and also provides a comfortable and good environment for exhibitors and audience.


Bus Line

Yekaterinburg railway station → Yekaterinburg Exhibition Center

From Yekaterinburg railway station, YCL. Вокзальна я, 22, г. Екатеринб, Russia to Sverdlovsk, Russia
36 minutes (3.0 km)
Viva Street Sverdlova


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