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Rittal Arena Wetzlar

Address:Mo - Fr 10-18 Uhr Samstag 10-14 Uhr 24.12. 10-14 Uhr 31.12. geschlossen
Area:20000 M²
Tel:06441 3819-100


Wetzlar Exhibition Center is located in Wetzlar, Germany. The total construction area of the exhibition center is 20,000 square meters and the exhibition area is 10,000 square meters. The Wetzlar Exhibition Center contains a number of entertainment venues, only the authorized location management service of the Gegenburg GmbH (operator) allows. The operator provided legality for the use of hausausweise. The organizers of the time event also include issuing lottery participants, press freedom and ehrenkarten as legitimationspapier. Operators including holders reserve legitimationspapieren to refuse access under reasonable circumstances (for example, violations of legal provisions, especially for criminal law, violation of these rules, alcoholization, or for security). Access to backstage areas and facilities, locker rooms and other unqualified public spaces and lands is only allowed through the corresponding legitimacy of the clear identity. 2. The order ordnungsdienstes is followed without exception. The visitors were kept in safety articles, and they were irrelevant immediately after receiving the bids. Unextracted, it is an operation trademark right, which is handled by the trustee. 3. Operators who are not expressly authorized are general visitors' entertainment venues which forbid any type of image or tonaufzeichnungsgeräte it to use in entertainment venues. 4. Visitors are prohibited from bringing food or drinks. Prohibited weapons that put animals in bulk or dangerous items, each item, such as sticks, transparent, or splitternden, and fragile materials such as deosprays, can be pressurized and pyrotechnic or any type. In the entertainment venue, including all accessories, including a comprehensive smoking ban. It is not allowed to push a stroller. The safety of the stroller is collected immediately after the termination of the security service. 5. Operators are entitled to general smoke and / or dry pronunciation. Visitors can enter the entertainment venue has failed, you can also refer from the entertainment venue. The sale of any merchandise is an operation that is not permitted in an entertainment venue without approval.

In violation of school rules or the right to arrange, the ordnungspersonals operator is unique or generally barred from entertainment venues and pronunciation issues. Further steps, especially criminal law reservations.

Immediately after the event, the tourist's entertainment venue was left. Every ticket is lost on leaving the entertainment venue – even for the duration of validity. 6.

The operator shall be sufficient to harm the physical or health life. Liability for non-injury and unimportant contractual obligations and minor negligence in operation, but limited to typical foreseeable damage. The basic contractual obligations are the performance of contractual obligations, the execution and compliance of the contract, even allowing tourists to be familiar and trusted regularly. Typical foreseeable damage, such contractual normative protection purposes, separate out injuries. In addition, the operator is not liable for minor faults. The above limitation of liability applies to operators' agencies and agents.


Bus Line

Wetzlar Train Station → Wetzlar Exhibition Center

From Wetzlar, Germany to Rittal Arena Wetzlar, Wolfgang-Kühle-Straße 1, 35576 Wetzlar, Germany

24 minutes (1.9 km)

via Gloelstraße

Wetzlar Airport → Wetzlar Convention Center

From Taxi & Minicar WZ, Philipsstraße 7, 35576 Wetzlar, Germany to Rittal Arena Wetzlar, Wolfgang-Kühle-Straße 1, 35576 Wetzlar, Germany

24 minutes (1.9 km)

via Gloelstraß


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