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Brooklyn Expo Center

Address:center in the heart of Greenpoint Brooklyn
Area:60000 M²
Location:U.S.A-New York


The Brooklyn Museum is located in the prosperous area of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a historical and cultural scenic spot in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Pavilion is a unique physical structure with excellent access to New York City and multiple transportation hubs, including the New York airport.

The building has a beautiful glass exterior wall and a large open plan structure, which can be used as a whole or divided into multiple rooms or smaller conference rooms. Full of unlimited flexibility; the building adds high ceilings, loading and unloading doors, cafeteria space, office space, parking and on-site storage for pre event transportation, and Brooklyn Expo expects to take care of a wide range of customers.

The Brooklyn Fair will be able to handle large-scale production of public events, private events, meetings, corporate meetings, meetings, product launches, receptions, multimedia events and banquet seats for 2200 people.


Bus Line

(1) John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport → Brooklyn Exhibition Center
27 minutes (14.2 miles)
途经I-678 N和I-495 W
25 minutes (if the road is clear)

(2) New York railway station → Brooklyn Exhibition Center
Pennsylvania Station
New York, NY 10119o
"36208th;6thAve-39542W 36th St.
5 minutes (0.6 miles)
 驶入I-495 E
6 minutes (0.8 miles)
走Queens Midtown Tunnel和Pulaski Bridge驶入Brooklyn的Freeman St
6 minutes (2.2 miles)
To Franklin st
5 minutes (0.8 miles)
Brooklyn EXPO Center


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