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China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center

Address:Yumin Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Area:120000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Chaoyang District


In September 2001, the China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center, with a total construction area of 120000 square meters, was officially opened.

The magnificent architectural form and unique architectural charm of China International Science and technology exhibition center make it indisputably a landmark building in the north of Beijing. Its completion marks the first large-scale, high-end and multi-functional business center in the north of Beijing with 5A level intelligent office building, high-end hotel style business apartment, advanced exhibition hall, international level multi-functional conference hall, rotary coffee shop and various catering and entertainment facilities.

China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center is divided into a, B and C three.

Block a and B are 5A level intelligent office buildings with a total building area of 56000 square meters. With Beijing's leading intelligent configuration and high-end decoration, they can provide customers with comprehensive business services and superior information service environment.

Building C, 5-21 floors, is an exhibition hotel apartment, with a total floor area of 211 thousand square meters. It is composed of 166 apartments with different layout and decoration styles. Exhibition Hotel Apartment is a high-end hotel type business apartment with business suites and luxury suites.

The first and second floors of block B of China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center are exhibition halls, with an exhibition area of 9300 square meters. The exhibition hall on the first floor covers an area of 5700 square meters and is divided into two exhibition areas a and B. The exhibition hall on the second floor is 3600 square meters. The exhibition hall mainly holds various high-grade high-tech product exhibitions, science and technology, information and cultural and art exhibitions at home and abroad, highlighting the theme of science and technology and emphasizing cultural taste.

The conference hall of China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center is located on the 3rd, 4th and 15th floors of block B, with a total use area of 5000 square meters. It is composed of 10-400 square meters conference rooms, multi-functional halls and negotiation rooms, which can accommodate 5-400 people.

The 23 / F building C of China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center is a unique revolving restaurant in the north of Beijing, which is equipped with totally closed floor to floor windows, with a building area of more than 500 square meters. It rotates at the speed of 90-120 minutes per circle, and the diners can overlook the whole north of Beijing area including Deshengmen, Asian Games Village, Olympic Games Village under construction and Zhongguancun.

There is a restaurant of Chaoyue cuisine on the 15th floor of block B of China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center. Shark fin and abalone are the specialty delicacies here, which can provide customers with authentic Hong Kong cuisine. The staff restaurant facilitates the dining of the customers in the office building, and the fast-food restaurant can provide a variety of delicious fast food for exhibitors and visitors. Xinle bar in the southeast corner of China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center will bring customers unique feelings and fun with its fashionable and romantic atmosphere. It has all kinds of facilities and thoughtful service. It is equipped with more than 100 kinds of foreign wine, red wine, beer, cocktails and other drinks and snacks. It is an ideal place for friends' parties and entertainment.

The exhibition center building has two floors of parking lots, ground and underground, which can provide more than 500 parking spaces for customers and exhibitors to park their vehicles.

China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center is located in the northeast of Madian flyover on the middle of the North Third Ring Road. It has a superior geographical location. It looks at the middle axle road in the East and Jingchang Expressway in the West. It is located at the golden intersection of Beijing's two major traffic arteries, the North Third Ring Road and Jingchang expressway. The traffic is convenient and direct through the trunk lines of the second ring road and the third ring road.

From China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center to the east along the North Third Ring Road, it reaches the prosperous Yansha business district and Beijing Business Center (CBD). The northwest is the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park supported by the state, and the southwest is the national financial district (CFD) approved by the State Council. Adjacent to ZhongGuanCun science and Technology Park, Desheng science and Technology Park, built Olympic theme park and Olympic Village, it has a strong scientific and technological atmosphere and cultural environment.

Bus Line

North south direction - Madian station (2nd Ring Road to 3rd Ring Road), No. 55, No. 305, No. 315, No. 344, No. 735, No. 835, No. 919, No. 919

East west direction - jiandemenqiao station (Beitucheng Road), no.849, no.941, No.804 Road

East west direction - Madian station (North Third Ring Road), 300 Road, 830 Road, 731 Road, 730 Road, 320 Road, 367 Road, 725 Road, 825 Road, 387 Road, 718 Road, 801 Road

Location description: 300 meters north of Madian Bridge East of road



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