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China Coal Museum

Address:2 Yingze West Street, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Area:90000 M²
Location:China-Shanxi Province-Taiyuan City-Wanbailin District
Tel:0351-4117885 / 4117829


China Coal Museum is the only national coal industry Museum in China. It is the collection center of historical relics, specimens, documents and materials of the coal industry. It is also a popular science education institution, scientific research institution, publicity and education institution of the coal industry and a symbol of advocating science and civilization. Because of its special function and status, China Coal Museum has been awarded the titles of "national first level museum", "national popular science education base", "national AAAA level tourist attraction" and "national industrial tourism demonstration base" by the State Administration of cultural relics, China Association for science and technology and National Tourism administration, and "Shanxi youth education base" and "Shanxi patriotism education base" by Shanxi Province And other honorable titles.
China Coal Museum is divided into East and West academies, covering an area of about 11 hectares, with a building area of about 90000 square meters. It is composed of exhibition hall, China Coal Science, education and culture exchange center, academic report hall, office building and modern science and Technology Institute.
The general plan of the basic exhibition of China Coal Museum is "seven pavilions and one well": coal generation hall, coal and human Museum, coal development technology hall, contemporary China coal industry hall, coal art hall, coal literature hall, Sino foreign exchange hall and simulation mine. Now, there are coal production hall, coal and human hall, coal art hall, coal literature hall and simulation mine. In addition, the ancient mural Museum and the coal mine safety education museum have been newly developed, which have played an important role in the construction of the two civilizations of the national coal industry and blazed a new path in the construction and development of the National Industry Museum.  
Since its establishment, the center has successfully held and undertaken various large-scale exhibition activities, such as: National Coal System calligraphy and painting exhibition, national anti-corruption and anti bribery picture exhibition, national coal mine machinery equipment exhibition, Shanxi coal 40 year achievement exhibition, transportation achievement exhibition, Taihang spirit large-scale picture exhibition, high-tech exhibition, Taiyuan industrial equipment exhibition, financial products exhibition, Shanxi Communication Exhibition, etc. Coal Expo has become a brand in Taiyuan and even Shanxi Province.

Exhibition hall scale
Founded in 1992, China Coal Museum exhibition center covers an area of 10000 square meters, with 5000 square meters of exhibition hall, 3000 square meters of square outside the hall, 150 people's academic report hall and more than 500 people's multi-functional screening hall, which can set 300 international standard floors (2 m x 3 m) or 200 (3 m x 3 m), and complete supporting facilities.




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