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Yantai International Expo Center

Address:309 Gangcheng East st, Laishan District, Yantai
Area:59360 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Yantai City-Laishan District
Tel:0535-6790337 / 6790370


Yantai International Expo Center, developed and constructed by Nanshan Group, is a large modern exhibition, conference and catering place in Yantai. It is located in the center of Laishan District, bordered by langdang River in the West and across the river from sports park; bordered by the Yellow Sea in the north; bordered by University City in the south, it is about 15 minutes' drive from Yantai airport, railway station and port, with smooth traffic and beautiful natural environment. It combines with the surrounding environment with magnificent momentum and beautiful posture. Yantai International Expo Center has a total construction area of 158000 square meters, including 138000 square meters above ground and 20000 square meters underground. It is divided into outdoor square, landing hall, indoor exhibition hall, conference center and indoor banquet hall, with an effective exhibition area of 60000 square meters.

The outdoor square of the Expo Center covers an area of 60000 square meters. The square is set as a large-scale landscape sculpture and water system, with simple and generous design. The south side of the pavilion is arranged with rows of trees to form an outdoor exhibition and green parking lot; the southeast is a large green square, which forms a pleasant rest place in a free and geometric way. In the lighting design of square night scene, in addition to covering the whole square lamp, it is also equipped with appropriate ground lamp and landscape lamp, which not only meets the needs of lighting, but also creates a rich lighting landscape.
There are 6 pavilions and 6 exhibition halls in the Expo Center, which are two floors above the ground, covering an area of 37200 square meters and 10800 square meters. The exhibition hall is a small column, large-span and large area, which can be divided and combined according to the scale of the exhibition. Each exhibition hall is equipped with independent entrance gates for personnel and loans and suitable venues for the opening ceremony. The column network is arranged according to the module of international standard booth, and more than 3800 international standard booths can be built. The clear height of the exhibition hall is 11 meters on the first floor and 10 meters on the second floor. Ground bearing capacity of the exhibition hall: the first floor is 5t / m2, which can hold heavy machinery equipment exhibition; the second floor is 1.5t/m2, which can arrange light products exhibition; various pipelines are arranged in the exhibition hall according to the booth. In order to meet the needs of exhibition layout, the main design and construction of the ring ramp from the road to the second floor of the exhibition hall unloading platform, the exhibition vehicles can orderly flow between the first and second floors of the exhibition hall, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also facilitates the exhibitors.

The Expo Center is equipped with various modern facilities, 34 escalators and 31 vertical ladders, which are really convenient and fast. The air conditioning, ventilation, power, communication, network, compressed air, water supply and drainage systems in the museum are all equipped with building automatic monitoring facilities, which are composed of central computer and its network equipment, plus a number of on-site control sub stations and corresponding sensors, actuators, etc.

The design, construction and use of the Expo Center shall be carried out in strict accordance with the national fire prevention code. Each part is divided into fire zones, each zone is equipped with at least two evacuation stairs and advanced fire elevator. The center is equipped with fire / security control room on the first floor, emergency exit directly to the outside, deluge fire extinguishing system, protective cooling water curtain, closed fire extinguishing system, large space intelligent active sprinkler system, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, fire water monitors and other advanced fire-fighting facilities to maximize the fire safety of the center.

Yantai International Conference Center has 19 conference rooms of different sizes, including a large lecture hall with 1500 people (equipped with imported 6 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × plus × simultaneous interpretation, infrared receiving system, automatic voting system, television broadcast, led and other functions), which can accommodate one forum hall with 300 people, one press release hall with 100 people, and one conference room with 150-200 people 1, 5 VIP rooms. Can undertake large-scale conferences, academic forums, business negotiations, art performances and other activities, to provide international standard services for Chinese and foreign guests. The banquet hall can accommodate 10000 people at the same time, including a Chinese banquet hall that can accommodate 1200 people, a Chinese and western restaurant that can accommodate 3000 people, an antique Chinese banquet hall with thousand people and a multi-functional hall, and a take out fast food facility that can meet 6000 people.

The platinum five-star Crowne Plaza Hotel and two 5A level international office buildings supporting the Expo Center not only allow exhibitors and visitors to stay nearby, but also can travel between the exhibition hall and the hotel at any time, which is really convenient and fast, improves the reception level of the Expo Center, and jointly drives the economic development of the surrounding areas. This group of landmark buildings It will become a bright pearl on Jiaodong Peninsula.

Sincerely invite you to Yantai to hold the exhibition!

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition covers a total area of 59360 ㎡, which can accommodate 3800 international standard booths; the outdoor square covers an area of 40000 square meters, with large-scale landscape sculpture and water system, and the design is simple and generous.




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