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Liaocheng International Exhibition Center

Address:Intersection of Dongchang East Road and Huangshan Road, economic development zone, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City
Area:32000 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-LiaoCheng-Dongchangfu District
Tel:0635-2998859 / 2993859


Liaocheng International Convention and Exhibition Center is located at the intersection of Dongchang Road and Huangshan Road in Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, located in Xingguang city square. It is the first professional convention and Exhibition Center in Liaocheng, with a total construction area of 32000 square meters.  

With the strategic opportunity of "one district, one ring and one belt" and the acceleration and promotion of the process of building the "Hebei Shandong Henan three provinces junction scientific development pilot area", and with the acceleration and promotion of the construction of "two hundred big cities" and "three-dimensional transportation", Liaocheng, as a regional commercial logistics center city, is becoming more and more perfect in function and more important in status The pattern is more and more grand and the advantages are more and more obvious.  

Liaocheng radio and Television General Station (Group) and Liaocheng Xingguang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. have established Shandong Xingguang culture and Media Co., Ltd., which specializes in International Convention and Exhibition Center, striving to make high standard planning and layout of Liaocheng International Convention and Exhibition Center, and build it into a professional convention and Exhibition Center "integrating into the surrounding areas, radiating the Central Plains and connecting with the whole country", It will be built into an administrative platform to show the image of Liaocheng, an economic and trade platform to show Liaocheng products, a cultural platform to show the spirit of Liaocheng, and an exchange platform and creative platform to conduct various professional exhibitions, industrial and trade negotiations.  

Liaocheng International Convention and Exhibition Center has successively held or hosted a series of economic, trade and cultural exhibitions, such as China internal combustion engine industry association (diesel engine fuel system maintenance branch), Zhongyuan Economic Zone (Liaocheng) Automobile Expo, international animation exhibition, modern home furnishing Expo, international clothing festival, Shuicheng happy exchange, Amway Nutrilite power new trunk line, etc., which has become Liaocheng The first choice for professional exhibitions around.  

Liaocheng International Convention and Exhibition Center not only has first-class hardware facilities, but also focuses on the R & D, promotion and exchange of exhibition creative industry, which is closely related to the national exhibition industry and important exhibition halls; focuses on the introduction and use of professional talents, and establishes a professional exhibition practice base jointly with Liaocheng University, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Shandong University and other institutions of higher learning.  




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