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Baotou International Exhibition Center

Address:Intersection of Jianshe Road and Jianhua South Road, Jiuyuan District, Baotou City
Area:52115 M²
Location:China-Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region-Baotou City-Jiuyuan


Baotou International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the south of Jianshe Road and the west of Jianhua road. It is divided into the northern theater, International Conference Center and Southern International Exhibition Center. The exhibition center covers an area of 200 mu, with a total construction area of 90000 square meters. The total investment of the project is expected to reach 1.22 billion yuan. It is one of the largest and most complete international exhibition centers in Inner Mongolia. Among them, the Grand Theatre has a building area of 17000 square meters, with two floors of audience seats, which can accommodate 1500 audiences, and the stage has the functions of expansion, lifting, rotation, translation, etc.; the conference center has a building area of 15000 square meters, with 32 large and small conference halls; the exhibition center has a building area of 58000 square meters, with 6 large exhibition halls and 1342 international standard booths. Hall D, located on the east side of the first floor, has been taken as an example Baotou City Hall, for urban planning exhibition. In addition, the 17 meter long grassland cultural corridor connects the Convention Center and Exhibition Center, making the exhibition center integrated.
Hall D, one of the exhibition centers, has been identified as Baotou City Hall, with the theme of "grassland pearl, charming Lucheng". Through LED large screen, model and stage, it shows the three-dimensional space formed by visual, auditory and changing lighting effects, and shows the city image and cultural taste of Baotou city. The city hall is planned to be seven exhibition areas, including blueprint overview, Baotou honor, city overview, long time, tracing the journey of Lucheng, urban landscape and harmonious city. The city hall will be opened in early June this year.
The other five pavilions will hold all kinds of large-scale exhibition activities, such as equipment Manufacturing Expo, industry fair, international automobile exhibition, housing fair, clothing exhibition, building materials exhibition, etc.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition center is an important part of the exhibition center, with a total construction area of 52115 square meters, a total length of 292 meters and a width of 162 meters. There are six pavilions a, B, C, D, e and F. The total area of the exhibition hall is 30132 square meters, including 3402 square meters of hall a, 5832 square meters of Hall B, 5832 square meters of Hall C, 3402 square meters of hall D, 5832 square meters of hall e, and 5832 square meters of hall F. According to the international standard booth (3cm * 3cm), 1514 standard booths can be set up in 6 pavilions.

Conference Room
Brief introduction of Baotou International Convention and Exhibition Center
The conference center has a building area of 14000 square meters, 34 conference rooms, 500 people's lecture hall, 300 people's lecture hall, 200 people's business negotiation room, news release hall, circular international conference hall with simultaneous translation function and other conference rooms.
After completion, the conference center will provide high-quality conference services for all levels of governments, departments and major enterprises in Baotou City, and provide suitable venues for foreign trade negotiation, foreign guest reception, business negotiation and other activities in Baotou city.




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