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Qiqihar International Exhibition Center

Address:29 Xinming street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province
Area:33245 M²
Location:China-Heilongjiang Province-Qiqihar City-Jianhua District


Qiqihar International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the north of Qiqihar party and government office center, on the East Bank of Nenjiang River. International Exhibition Center is a large-scale project planned and constructed by Qiqihar Municipal Party committee and municipal government to meet the needs of China Qiqihar Green Food Expo and various large-scale conferences and exhibitions. The project was established in 2004, commenced in May 2005, and put into operation in August 2006. The total investment of the project is 230 million yuan. The completion of Qiqihar International Convention and Exhibition Center has filled the gap that there is no large convention and Exhibition Center in Hecheng for a long time. At the same time, it also adds a new landscape and bright spot to Qiqihar and becomes the landmark building of Qiqihar.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition center covers an area of 23000m2, with a building area of 33245m2. The main exhibition hall is 18m high, with an area of 6500m2. The two South and North sub exhibition halls are 15m high, with a single Hall area of 5600m2. The second floor is equipped with auxiliary exhibition hall. The multi-functional hall is equipped with large and small conference rooms, office and negotiation rooms, and the basement is equipped with restaurants and equipment rooms. The exhibition center is equipped with four elevators, four escalators, and an air conditioning system , deluge and water cannon fire extinguishing system, security monitoring and inspection system and other advanced facilities and equipment, provide a good variety of guarantee and exhibition environment for the exhibition center.   

There are 1018 international standard booths in the exhibition hall, whose functions can not only host national large-scale green food expo, but also expand to various large-scale exhibition fairs such as agriculture, industry, light industrial products, local products, tourism, etc.

Conference Room
In the multi-functional hall, there are conference rooms and office negotiation rooms.




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