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China Geological Museum

Address:No. 15, Xisi mutton alley, Xicheng District, Beijing
Area:11000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Xicheng District


The Geological Museum of China was founded in 1916. In the course of its synchronous development with modern Chinese science, it accumulated rich natural essence and intangible assets. It was famous for its collection system, fruitful and beautiful display in Asia's similar museums, and enjoyed world-wide reputation.     

The Chinese Geological Museum collects more than 200000 geological specimens, covering all fields of Geosciences. Among them, there are dinosaur series fossils such as giant Shandong dragon and Chinese Dragon Bird, famous ancient human fossils such as Peking man, Yuanmou Man and hilltop cave man, as well as a large number of precious prehistoric biological fossils such as fish, birds and insects with scientific value and ornamental value; there are the world's largest "Crystal King", giant calcite crystal cluster specimen of fluorite, exquisite blue copper mine and Chen The samples of Chinese characteristic minerals such as sand, realgar, orpiment, scheelite and stibnite, as well as a large number of national treasures such as gems and jades.     

While carrying out the scientific research of collections, China Geological Museum has long been engaged in the research of stratigraphic paleontology, mineral petrology, gemmology and Museology, and has achieved fruitful results, especially in the research fields of early vertebrate science, entomology and Jehol Biota in western Liaoning Province, which has been widely concerned by the domestic surgical community; with a systematic and exquisite Gemstone display, unique gemstone research results and continuous social promotion activities have led and guided the scientific research, knowledge popularization and market consumption of gemstones in contemporary China.

The Chinese Geological Museum has opened its unique exhibition all the year round. According to the basic layout of the earth's circle structure, the exhibition not only shows tens of thousands of fine minerals, rocks, gemstones and fossils, but also pays more attention to the living environment and living quality of human beings. In addition, a large number of digital, bionic, virtual reality and other technologies are adopted, so that the audience can easily step into the rich scientific atmosphere by witnessing, operating and experiencing with their own hands Wonderful geoscience space.     

China Geological Museum has been carrying out a variety of social education activities for a long time. Earth, founded in 1981, is the only geoscience popular science magazine in China. The annual National Youth geoscience summer camp has become an important brand of social education activities. Various geoscience popular science activities, such as popular science lectures, popular science tours, popular science consultation and so on, continue to be carried out, which makes the social influence of China Geological Museum continue to increase.     




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