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China Tool City Exhibition Center

Address:150 meters northeast of the intersection of Fuqiang road and mocaozhong Road, Yangdong County, Yangjiang City (near the city bus terminal)
Area:10000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Yangjiang City-Yangdong County


Yunfu International Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 16000 square meters, can accommodate more than 1000 standard booths, and has a flow capacity of more than 20000 people. It is 150 kilometers away from Huangpu port of Guangzhou, 30 kilometers away from Yunfu port. It is close to the exit of Guangzhou Kunming high-speed railway and the soon to be built Nanning Guangzhou high-speed railway. Located in the hub connecting the Pearl River Delta and southwest China, the museum is a professional international exhibition hall with convenient transportation. It can hold various large-scale international exhibitions, expositions, business cooperation meetings and other large-scale economic and trade activities.

Yunfu International Convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with sound, digital monitoring, central air conditioning and other advanced equipment systems. In the structural design of the exhibition hall, considering the needs of modern exhibition, the external structural materials of the exhibition hall are steel structure and space truss system, so that the modeling system of the exhibition hall has greater freedom and a variety of rich models. In the design, the Convention and Exhibition Center is divided into three modules: function, technology and image, which are coordinated in a unified way, and cooperate with the surrounding central square and the aisle space, so that the people, vehicles and logistics during the exhibition period can be reasonably arranged and operated.

For the guidance and arrangement of people, vehicles and logistics in the exhibition hall, there is an internal traffic channel inside the exhibition hall, which can disperse the people flow to each exhibition area inside the exhibition hall through the eye-catching visual guidance system. There are 6 entrances and exits in the exhibition hall. The two East entrances facing the square are the main entrances for the flow of people. The South and North entrances are the import and export entrances of cargo flow, which can be directly arranged inside the exhibition hall by heavy vehicles and forklifts. To the west is the main evacuation exit for the exhibition.




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