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Dongguan International Exhibition Center

Address:Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Hongfu Road
Area:50000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Dongguan City


Recently, Dongguan municipal Party committee and municipal government put forward the strategic goal of "striving to build Dongguan into a modern central city with the characteristics of an international famous manufacturing city" and the development plan of playing three cards of "city card", "foreign capital card" and "private card". Driven by this goal and idea, in order to enhance the radiation function of Dongguan as a modern central city and enhance the international image of Dongguan, Dongguan municipal government carefully designed and planned the Dongguan International Exhibition Center according to the overall urban planning and the functional layout of the city, which was officially completed in September 2001 and operated and managed by the Dongguan Council for the promotion of international trade. Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center takes the long-span steel frame structure as the main structural feature in architectural modeling, reflecting the economic and trade development trend of Dongguan City. The model is simple and has a distinctive symbol, which reflects the development level of modern engineering technology in structure and material use. The design scheme makes full use of the contemporary urban planning and urban design concepts and methods, emphasizing the characteristics of the times as well as the expression of national and local characteristics. In terms of the overall planning and layout, it is necessary to make clear the division, complete functions and good traffic organization. Since its establishment, Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center has successively held "the third China Dongguan International Computer Information Products Expo", "the third international machinery and raw materials exhibition", "the third international plastic and packaging exhibition" and other large-scale international exhibitions. With the rapid rise of Dongguan in the development of exhibition economy, Dongguan International Exhibition Center will further promote the development of economy and trade in Dongguan, promote the foreign exchange of science, technology and culture in Dongguan, and become the landmark building of Dongguan in the 21st century. Her completion not only constitutes a beautiful landscape in the new city center of Dongguan, but also provides a new stage for the exhibition industry.

Exhibition hall scale
The main exhibition area is nearly 50000 square meters. At present, the exhibition center with the most complete equipment and functions in the Pearl River Delta is located in the central area of Dongguan new city, close to Dongguan customs, Yincheng Hotel, Dongguan villa and Lijing hotel. Hongfu road to the south, Dongguan avenue to the East, Exhibition Road to the west, Hengyuan road to the north, four ring road. With an area of 195460 square meters, the base is a large-scale and comprehensive building complex integrating exhibition, conference, hotel, large parking lot and other functions.




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