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Shenzhen International Trade Center (International Trade Building)

Address:No. 3002, South Renmin Road, Shenzhen
Area:100000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Shenzhen City-Luohu District


Shenzhen International Trade Center Building (commonly known as international trade building) is located in the center of the high-rise building complex in Luohu business district, northeast of the intersection of Renmin South Road and guest road in Shenzhen. It is a comprehensive multi-functional super high-rise building designed, constructed and implemented by the Chinese themselves. The international trade building covers an area of 20000 square meters and a building area of 100000 square meters. In general, the square tower is the main part of the international trade building, with 53 floors (3 underground floors) of 160 meters. The 5th-23rd and 25th-43rd floors are the standard floors of the office building, the 24th floor is the refuge floor, the 49th floor is the revolving restaurant, and the 50th floor is equipped with a helicopter apron with a diameter of 26 meters. On the north side of the tower, there are five floors (one underground floor) with a length of 150 meters. It forms a large-scale shopping mall, which is well matched with the banks, restaurants, exhibition and sales, and securities exchange hall in the building. There is a glass arched atrium in the podium. The corridor on both sides of the atrium and the uneven selection reflect the indoor music fountain, making the building more elegant. The underground part is equipped with an underground parking lot for 130 vehicles. The building is equipped with advanced building control system, fire control system, CCTV monitoring system, central air conditioning system and vertical, walking and sightseeing elevator system. It is a first-class integration of office, commerce, finance, catering and sightseeing. A modern building with beautiful and unique shape and excellent equipment. The international trade building is the earliest comprehensive super high-rise building built in China, known as "the highest building in China". It is an important attraction for Shenzhen to receive domestic and foreign tourists. Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Li Peng, leaders of the party and the state, successively visited the international trade building, Nixon, Bush, Junshu Haibu, Li Guangyao and Gali, then visited the international trade. The international trade building is "the window of Shenzhen Economic Zone" and "the symbol of China's reform and opening up".




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