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2021 Sixth Jinzhou Annual Expo
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Time: 2021/01/26 - 02/07 (Tues To Sun Total 13 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Liaoning Jinzhou Jinzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaLiaoning ProvinceJinzhou No. 70 Science and Technology Road, Songshan New District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province
Sponsor:Yatai Oriental Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Organizer:Jinzhou Yatai Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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The 6th Jinzhou Annual Expo 2021 will be held in Jinzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 26 to February 7.


1. Drinks and Gifts Areas: Wine, liquor, beer, fruit wine, health drinks, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, lactic acid bacteria drinks all over the country. All over the country, year customs, year culture, Festival supplies, intangible cultural exhibitions, handicrafts, New Year pictures, books, traditional festival commodities, gifts, ceramics, business gifts, household gifts, various kinds of craft gifts, etc.

2. Shangchao Special Distribution Zone: domestic and foreign brands of red wine, and various brands of condiments, canned food, various brands of paper products, etc.

3. Famous and excellent food areas: "China's old brands" and famous and excellent brands, green agricultural products, organic food, fruits, famous and local specialties, etc.

4. Special food areas: North and South local specialties, tea, aquatic products, dried fruit fried goods, leisure food, meat and poultry food, baked food, health food, green food, organic food, pure natural food. Seafood frozen products, dried products, quick-frozen poultry, quick-frozen vegetables, aquatic conditioning food and deep-processed products.

5. Home textile exhibition area: bedding, household goods, all kinds of baby and child goods, household appliances, decorations, crafts, antique paintings, jewelry and jades, exotic stone root carvings, flowers and other festive supplies.

6. Clothing special exhibition area: brand clothing, fur discount second kill; cashmere products, scarves, shoes and hats, etc.

7. Brand enterprise exhibition area: household cars, household appliances, furniture, micro-commerce products, kitchen and sanitation, tourism products, automotive products, outdoor and sports goods, toys, children's goods, consumer goods.

Costs & Precautions

1. 5500 yuan per side and bottom road

2.2.3 Road 4000 yuan per unit

3. 4500 yuan per main channel plus 300 yuan per channel

4. Net site: 500 yuan per square metre

Standard booths include: exhibition venue, three-sided or two-sided exhibition boards, a table, two chairs, a power outlet (220V, 500W), and the production of enterprise lintel boards.


  • Telephone:0416-3795666
  • Address:East Gate Yatai Exhibition of International Convention and Exhibition Center, Songshan New Area, Jinzhou City


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