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2020 Shanghai International Smart City Construction Exhibition
Industry: IT Equipment / Digital / Software
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/11/25 - 11/27 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qingpu District · Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) ChinaShanghaiQingpu District 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)
Sponsor:UN Habitat Shanghai housing and urban rural development management committee
Organizer:Donghaolansheng Group Shanghai Modern Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Shanghai Lvbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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1、 General situation
Shanghai international city and architecture Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) as an important host of "world city day"
One of the activities, which has been successfully held for 5 sessions since 2015, is gradually becoming an international platform for the promotion of China's new urbanization achievements, a display platform for the Yangtze River Delta integrated development achievements, an experience platform for Shanghai's urban construction and social governance level, and a high-end platform for promoting industry and enterprise exchanges and cooperation.  
In 2019, the city Expo covers an exhibition area of 80000 square meters, with 9 series of exhibitions including "world city day" theme exhibition, "smart city", "construction safety and construction technology", "building industrialization", "old area reconstruction and green building materials". At the same time, the main forum of "integration infrastructure integration and application development of Yangtze River Delta" and more than 30 series forums were held, covering more than 80000 professional visitors from the whole industry.  
Among them, "smart city exhibition" is held by the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China, and Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China
The municipal administration office, Shanghai Communications Administration, Shanghai Housing Administration Property Office and other units are invited by the national organizations
About municipal construction and management units, scientific research institutions and communication operation of smart Park, smart new town, smart community, etc
More than 10000 engineering and technical personnel from suppliers, software and hardware service providers, etc. attended the visit.  
2、 Exhibition background
The technological development of AI and 5g is not only the new generation of mobile communication technology, but also the economic and social development
Various "5g +" application scenario projects have been implemented, expanding the simple everyone communication to people communication
Physical and material communication is also for the information industry, traditional roads, buildings, tunnels, airports and other municipal infrastructure
The industry has brought about revolutionary changes.  
As a typical representative of the construction system of Yangtze River Delta smart city cluster, Shanghai has always played an important supporting and leading role in the process of urban construction and development. Shanghai's "smart city construction" has been upgraded from infrastructure construction to application depth, focusing on urban grid management, transportation informatization, environmental resource management, urban energy management, urban risk control, medical care, education, culture and other fields.  
3、 Build an infrastructure integration and application docking platform for smart city
Integrate the Internet of things basic operators, Bim and CIM software, AR / VR equipment, smart city management
Smart building, smart home, smart road light pole and other exhibitors, as well as the city's grid management center and municipal engineering
Planning and construction units and other professional audience resources. Display the new mode of grid city management, which uses digitalization
By means of information technology, integrating government resources and using advanced data and information technology, we can achieve accurate and high urban management
Efficient, fast and full coverage. Including illegal construction governance, deep foundation pit safety supervision, historical protection building supervision
Overhead line into the ground, repair project management, group rent comprehensive management, glass curtain wall safety supervision, gas supply supervision
And so on.  
"Smart city exhibition" attracted China Mobile, telecom, Unicom, iron tower, China Electronics Technology, Shanghai Electronics Technology
Jiankun, Bokun, Hikvision, longjintianxia, Guanglianda, figa intelligence, Sansi electronics, Yijian technology
Internet software group, Tiancheng Biji, fantuo digital and other well-known enterprises to discuss the current smart city
The integration and development of scientific and technological innovation. To enable urban construction with "wisdom" and provide the government with a "precise and precise" City
Urban governance, for Shanghai economic development, urban governance into a new impetus.  

5、 Forum activities are both timely and forward-looking
Summit Forum on smart city and urban risk management
Urban development has stepped into the stage of risk management, so it is necessary to build a forward-looking risk control and governance system to reduce
The possibility of all kinds of emergencies to improve the safety of urban operation. The forum will invite government authorities
Experts and scholars in the construction unit and other industries discuss the risks in the development of construction industry in the new era
Project safety risk management research, risk control emergency plan design, personnel training and other life cycle construction
Construction of safety management and control system.  
Intelligent community and Intelligent Building Innovation Application Forum
From architecture to community, from community to family, building intelligence has made the "new generation lifestyle" quietly
Coming. As the application of various engineering technologies to realize intelligent building construction, intelligent building technology has become a city
One of the important symbols of the city's modernization level. With the development of "artificial intelligence", the function of intelligent building will be
With the development of diversification, the realization of more functions will become the hot spot of market and technology.  
Intelligent home and intelligent scene Application Forum
AI scene application and vr virtual implementation technology will bring home the effect of free audio-visual space environment
The function of satisfying people's need for knowledge will be enhanced. Digital home and smart home have become hot spots in the market and technology.  
Technical seminar on digital construction and intelligent construction site
As the main responsibility of safety supervision on the construction site, we should stand in the future and think about the present. With BIM Technology and
Application and promotion of VR technology. Large domestic construction units have successively carried out the construction of "smart construction site". Through the application of information and intelligent construction technology and fine construction management and control, improve the decision-making ability and management efficiency of the construction site, and realize a new construction safety management and control mode of digitalization, refinement and intelligence of the construction site.  
6、 Site review
2020 exhibition focuses on how to build "5g application scenario", "smart community" and "smart site"
And other hot issues to promote the sustainable development of urban green and intelligent.  
"Yangtze River Delta integrated infrastructure integration and application development" Forum
Invite leaders of relevant provincial and municipal industry authorities, industry experts, heads of enterprises and institutions in the Yangtze River Delta region
In the new era and new situation, around the construction of high-quality Yangtze River Delta integration, jointly promote infrastructure coordination
Development, to build a world-class city group with global competitiveness.  
Forum on "BIM Technology and smart city construction and application development"
Guided by Shanghai construction information model technology application and promotion center, GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd
Organized by the company.  
Forum on "smart property, smart community and Smart Life"
The forum was strongly supported by Shanghai Housing Administration and Shanghai property management industry association
Er, Dongfang Yuhong, Shanghai Xiuchang network and other well-known enterprises made speeches respectively to discuss the construction of beautiful homes and
Smart community property management and other hot topics.  
"Urban perception ecosystem, intelligent urban Protection Forum"
Intelligent AI driven by massive data will turn the city into a super intelligent life body, which is beneficial to the whole city
The city's operation system is monitored, optimized and repaired in real time to make it efficient, intelligent and meet the requirements of sustainable development
7、 High quality customers are pouring in
By the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Urban Management Office of Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, and Shanghai Shitong
Information Management Bureau, Property Office of Shanghai Housing Management Bureau and other units invite smart Park and smart new to the national organization
City, smart community and other municipal construction and management units, scientific research institutions, communication operators, software and hardware service providers, etc
More than 10000 engineering and technical personnel attended the site.  

Development, construction and operation management department of the government, accounting for 16%
Intelligent new town, park developers, property management companies, accounting for 15%
Network operators and facilities service providers, accounting for 12%
Water affairs, environmental protection, greening and other management departments, accounting for 13%
Design and construction unit, accounting for 11%
Supporting suppliers, service providers and system integrators, accounting for 6%
Equipment manufacturer, contract energy manager, accounting for 8%
Relevant experts and scholars of scientific research institutes, accounting for 7%
Relevant associations in Yangtze River Delta, accounting for 12%;


1. Urban grid management and basic operators of Internet of things
Mobile network operators, service and content developers, solution providers, mobile application and software development, integrated software solution providers, component manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, software and system integration, geographic information system (GIS), satellite navigation and positioning, UAV, RFID technology, etc
2. Intelligent transportation and intelligent road
Automatic driving, artificial intelligence, Internet of vehicles, intelligent logistics system platform, automobile electronic control system, human vehicle interaction system, wearable automobile electronic equipment, expressway senseless payment, intelligent lamp pole, street lamp intelligent management system, photovoltaic Road, intelligent charging / supporting facilities, etc
3. Smart energy
Smart grid technology, energy Internet technology, solar energy, wind power generation, green building, clean vehicle, action energy (3C, automobile, etc.), clean technology and equipment, instrument tools, traditional energy transformation technology, distributed energy system, new contract energy management services, smart energy solutions, smart energy big data operation services, etc
4. Smart city management and smart security
Mobile data acquisition system, three-dimensional intelligent urban management information system, technology and products of Ping an urban construction management platform, urban comprehensive emergency response platform, urban video monitoring system, network security system and protection products, etc
5. Smart construction and smart construction site
4. Intelligent construction machinery and equipment, hoisting robot, intelligent positioning system, sensor, sensing equipment, prefabricated building construction quality risk management system, construction safety intelligent management and control system platform, BIM Technology Application, VR safety construction experience equipment, inspection and measurement equipment, ground power monitoring system equipment, etc
6. Smart community and Smart Property
Intelligent community o2o, intelligent property management, intelligent convenient terminal, intelligent garbage sorting, intelligent irrigation, intelligent express cabinet, self-service vending machine, environmental cleaning equipment, intelligent access control system, electronic security system, community security integrated management platform, intelligent remote monitoring, intelligent meter reading, security fire-fighting equipment, etc
7. Intelligent building and intelligent home
Building electrical and power supply and distribution system, building automation control system, power supply distribution system and energy management system, building new energy, intelligent sunshade, building lighting, intelligent home security system, intelligent kitchen and bathroom appliances, HVAC fresh air equipment, intelligent door lock access control system, intelligent switching power supply, intelligent terminal equipment, intelligent wearable equipment, etc

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth (from 18 ㎡) price: 1696 yuan/
Space only (36 ㎡) price: 1590 yuan/

The measure of area: 100000 square meters


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