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The 17th China (Yiwu) International Hardware and electrical Expo 2020
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/04/20 - 04/22 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jinhua · Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangJinhua 59 Zongze East Road, Yiwu
Sponsor:Zhejiang China Small Commodity City Group Co., Ltd
Organizer:Yiwu China Small Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd
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2020 China Yiwu hardware and electrical Expo is hosted by Zhejiang China Small Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. and organized by Yiwu China Small Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition focuses on the four professional exhibition areas of hardware tools, building hardware, daily hardware and electronic appliances. The exhibition aims to "build a hardware and electrical exhibition platform, serve the global industry market trade", lead the intelligent life and build the craftsman spirit. Highlight the degree of specialization of the exhibition, aim at the international and domestic markets, and build an excellent platform for image display, new product promotion, trade negotiation and information dissemination with the help of the spring peak procurement season, so that it will gradually become one of the most professional and influential hardware and electrical exhibitions in East China. In the last session, professional purchasers from 117 countries and regions such as the United States, Singapore, India, Pakistan and 30 provinces and cities in China came to the fair to purchase, which is an excellent marketing platform for domestic and foreign exhibitors.

Exhibition scale:

Exhibition area: 33000 square meters
International standard booth: 1500
Professional purchaser: 45000 person times
Overseas purchasers: 4000 person times


Hardware tools: hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, general accessories, auto tools (accessories), garden tools, measuring instruments, cutting tools, labor protection appliances, casters, etc
Building hardware: plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, building equipment, decoration hardware, door and window accessories, valves, standard fasteners, bearings, chains, springs, locks, fire-fighting equipment, anti-theft equipment, etc
Daily hardware: Tobacco gifts, hardware crafts, hardware, stainless steel products, knives and scissors, scooters, barbecue racks, barbecue ovens, frames, kitchen supplies, hotel supplies, etc
Mechanical and electrical machinery: welding equipment, mechanical equipment, mold equipment, mechanical and electrical products, pumps, valves, air compressors, mechanical foundation parts, other kinds of small machinery, etc
Household appliances: large appliances, small appliances, lamps and lanterns, plugs and sockets, razors, clocks and watches, electrical products, electrical materials, instruments and meters, etc
Smart electronics: intelligent lighting control, VR smart glasses, wearable electronic products, mobile power supply, digital products, virtual platforms, etc

Costs & Precautions

1. 3 x 3m international standard booth 6000 yuan / piece;
2. Standard booth includes 4200 yuan / column, including 4000 yuan / fire hydrant column;
3. 600 / m2 of bare land, including columns, deducted by 1.3m * 1.3m area (another 200 yuan will be deducted for booths with fire hydrants).
Note: additional 800 yuan / booth will be charged for double booths (including bare space and standard booths).
2、 Booth preferential policies (excluding other preferential policies such as magazine advertisements):
1. 10% discount for single enterprise applying for 4 or more booths;
2. 15% discount for single enterprise applying for 6 or more booths;
3. 20% discount for single enterprise applying for 8 or more booths;
Note: a. the discount can only be enjoyed according to the highest single item and cannot be accumulated;


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  • E-mail:trade@yiwufair.com
  • WebSite:www.ywhardwareexpo.cn
  • Address:Room 302, third floor, comprehensive building, Yiwu International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province


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