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2020 Inner Mongolia International Franchise Investment and Entrepreneurship Exhibition
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Cycle: Twice A Year
Time: 2020/05/08 - 05/10 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Hohhot · Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaInner Mongolia Autonomous RegionHohhot Dongkou, Daxue East Street, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Sponsor:Inner Mongolia International Chain Franchise Exhibition Organizing Committee
Organizer:Hohhot New Thinking Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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In recent years, especially since the implementation of the nation's service industry development tackling war, with the continuous drive of innovation-driven and supply-side structural reforms, the proportion of service industries in our province has gradually increased, the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship has been significantly enhanced, the supply structure has been gradually optimized, and household consumption has continued Promotion. Among them, with the help of the China Franchise Expo, the chain operation in the form of franchising, franchising and direct sales has promoted residents in our province's catering, accommodation, education, housekeeping, washing and dyeing, bathing, beauty salons, appliance repairs, portrait photography and other residents An important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of the living service industry and the realization of high-quality development. The latest data from the chain industry shows that the investment market of domestic first- and second-tier cities has nearly reached its peak. More and more project investors are coming from third-, fourth-, and even fifth- and sixth-tier cities. The sinking of investment channels is an urgent task for the Chinese chain industry. The strategic choice is the development trend of the next 5-10 years. To this end, Hohhot New Thinking Convention and Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. carefully prepared "2020 Inner Mongolia International Chain Franchise Exhibition", one of the new plans for the chain acceleration sharing platform platform channel sinking strategy, which aims to help major domestic and foreign chain companies to seize Dividends for the growth of offline markets, innovation and glory from a new perspective.

Exhibition advantages:

The theme of this exhibition is "New Vision, New Market, New Brilliant", which has received strong support from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government, major chain associations, and hundreds of well-known enterprises and institutions. It has received extensive attention from people from all walks of life and the media.

Highlights of the show:

1. Effectiveness: the first exhibition in Inner Mongolia, seizing the opportunity to attract investment, and occupying new markets in the north

3. Super Media: In-depth cooperation with multiple media such as Baidu, Tencent, Today's Headline, and China Affiliate Network

4. Online and offline simultaneous publicity, targeted invitations, focus on Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and accurately lock in the region to join

5. Internet + precision data: million-level precision investment data precipitation

6 Interactive experience: Internet celebrity beauty, food beauty, inspection and exchange, resource docking, alliance signing, press release, etc.


1. Catering, food, and health products: all kinds of specialty catering franchise stores, traditional famous food chain stores, fast food pastry chains, middle-aged and elderly health care products chains, bee product chain stores, beverage franchise stores, Chinese and Western fast food franchise stores, food chain stores , Bars, chain stores, cafes, leisure and entertainment places, and other catering chains.

2. Education and training: Professional training institutions join, various educational chain franchise stores, educational supplies chain, early education parent-child garden chain institutions, and intellectual toy rental franchise stores.

3. Youth's vision protection: Eye health diagnosis and treatment, eye health rehabilitation center, vision correction training, eye health care, eye health education, eye vision improvement and protection, optometry equipment, vision detection instruments and equipment.

4. Retail chain industry: supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores (food, nutrition, tea, medicine, clothing, books, audiovisual, gift accessories, household goods, cosmetics, glasses, etc.).

Service chain industry: education and training, laundry and dyeing, hotel chains, home improvement, car repairs, housing agents, beauty and body care, fitness and health care, express delivery, graphic images, housekeeping, and other services.

5. Comprehensive categories: Invention patents, technology production small and medium-sized enterprises or family processing and production patented technical equipment, chain store technical equipment manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth fee: 6800 yuan / piece (3M * 3M, corner booth will be charged an additional 200 yuan)

Special booths starting from 680 yuan / ㎡ for 36 square meters or above (preferably set up, 4.5 meters height limit)

Mini special decoration: 13,800 yuan / group (6M * 3M, 18㎡ including standard truss decoration)

Standard booth basic configuration: 2 chairs, 1 exhibition table, a 220 volt power supply, 2 spotlights \ 1 fascia board, no special booth configuration.


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