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2020 Ethiopia building materials, hardware and Power Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/08/13 - 08/15 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa Ethiopia AfricaEthiopia Millennium Pavilion, Addis Ababa
Sponsor:Beijing meisbate International Exhibition Co., Ltd. - Xi'an company


Exhibition Name: Ethiopia building materials exhibition 2020
English Name: China Trade Week Ethiopia 2020
Exhibition time: August 13, 2020 to August 15, 2020
Venue: Millennium exhibition hall, Addis Ababa
Welcome to the exhibition companies, enterprises, government agencies call Advisory! All the exhibitions of our company are the general representatives, and we invite the agents!

Previous review - China Trade Week in Ethiopia 2019
China Trade Week is a trade exhibition with the theme of "high quality goods" under the background of Mie group's strategy of integrating international resources in China. As a brand exhibition to promote Chinese goods in the Middle East and Africa, it has successfully settled in the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Iran, Ghana, Morocco and other places. More than 5000 Chinese and foreign enterprises have participated in China Trade Week, and it is a display platform for Chinese goods in the Middle East and Africa. On May 3, 2018, the second Ethiopia China Trade Week opened in Addis Ababa Millennium exhibition hall in Asia. This is the second time that China Trade Week has entered Ethiopia. There are about 50 Chinese enterprises participating in the exhibition. The three-day exhibition received more than 4200 visitors. The flow of people and the quality of visitors are better than expected. Even on the day of the end of the exhibition, there are still many purchasers queuing up to register. Leaders from Ethiopia's Ministry of industry, Ethiopian investment agency, Ethiopian Federation of industry and Commerce and Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia jointly attended and attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Several high-level exchange meetings and seminars were also held at the same time. The main contents are Ethiopia's market situation, precautions for doing business with Ethiopia, bilateral foreign trade relations between China and Egypt, etc.
More than 50 enterprises from Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Fujian, Sichuan and Ethiopia participated in the exhibition. The exhibits include lighting, electric energy, agricultural machinery equipment, engineering machinery, building materials, maternal and infant products, mining machinery, animals, hair salons, daily necessities, furniture and home furnishings, clothing and textile, auto parts and other industries. During the three-day exhibition, the exhibitors were busy, and they all reported that the three-day exhibition was fruitful.

Ten reasons for choosing Ethiopia:
Superior location: Ethiopia is located in the center of the horn of Africa and the gateway to African market;
Important position: the gateway of East Africa, the headquarters of the African Union, has an important political and economic position in Africa;
The market is huge: Africa has two large population and great market demand;
Support: Ethiopia has successively released a series of plans to promote construction;
Policy opening: in order to attract foreign investment to develop domestic market and promote economic development, import tax has been reduced many times;
Investment environment: the social environment is relatively safe and stable, and the labor force is sufficient;
China Egypt friendship: the two countries have established diplomatic relations for more than 40 years, and China is an important cooperative partner of Ethiopia;
Emerging markets: each industry has a huge development space, is to develop business;
Excellent influence: in Ethiopia, the exhibition influence and effect can radiate to surrounding and other Africa;
Rich resources: known as "water tower of East Africa", various metal resources are also very rich.

Low cost contact with customers: the company should contact with qualified customers, and attending the exhibition is an effective way. According to the survey, the average cost of using the exhibition to reach customers is only 40% of the cost of other ways to reach customers to meet a large number of potential customers: according to the research, based on the average number of visits on an exhibitor's booth, only 12% of the people received the company's sales personnel's phone calls within 12 months before the exhibition; 88% of the new potential customers, and the exhibition also brought high-level new customers to the exhibitors Customer. For the products and services of participating companies, 49% of visitors at the exhibition are planning to buy those products and services. Save time - get twice the result with half the effort: in three days, exhibitors have more potential customers than they can reach in six months or even one year; more importantly, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means to quickly establish a stable customer relationship.
Self recognition, industry development trend and customer demand change: in the exhibition, enterprises can also learn customers' expectation for product improvement and demand for new products through communication with professional visitors. Expand business impact: every trade week we hold will invite local multimedia to participate.
Complete types of exhibits: this trade week covers various industries and categories, so that manufacturers have the opportunity to choose industries suitable for their own needs, and all buyers have trading venues suitable for their needs, especially to meet the needs of international manufacturers and professionals.
High international and professional: all participants in this trade week are professional buyers, market decision makers and businessmen in the industry.
Promotion of on-site activities: various interactive links will be held during the exhibition to enhance the added value of participation, improve publicity efficiency and provide more business opportunities

Scope of exhibits - including but not limited to:
Lighting, photovoltaic, power products, building materials and mechanical equipment, light industrial consumer goods, daily necessities, plastic chemical and printing packaging, light industrial consumer goods. Daily necessities, agronomy and machinery, automobiles and spare parts, tourism, hotels and home furnishings, oil and natural gas, experimental medicine, food, beverage, electronic products and home appliances.

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