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2019 Thailand International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2019/04/03 - 04/04 (Wed To Thur Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa · South Africa AfricaSouth Africa Bangkok International Exhibition Center
Sponsor:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Organizing exhibition: Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Exhibition address: Bangkok, Thailand
Introduce: this exhibition is sponsored by "technobizgroup" exhibition company, 2017 is the second time, this exhibition is the only international exhibition with polyurethane as the main exhibit in Southeast Asia market. This exhibition intuitively shows the latest scientific and technological achievements and products in the field of polyurethane. Its main purpose is to promote the development of the world polyurethane material industry and trade relations, strengthen the exchange of science and technology, and expand the application of polyurethane materials. This exhibition has enterprises from Japan, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China and other countries. In the last year, there were 150 exhibitors, and then more than 300 well-known enterprises in 2019. We are confident to make this exhibition the strongest exhibition in the world's first polyurethane industry.
Scope of exhibits:
Polyurethane raw materials: isocyanate, polyether polyol, polyester polyol, other polyols and active hydrogen containing oligomer, foaming agent, catalyst
Flame retardants, foam stabilizers and other auxiliaries (solvents, plasticizers, antioxidants, stabilizers, release agents, pigments, fillers, etc.)
Polyurethane (Ban Chengpin) products: polyurethane foam (soft / hard), polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane sole soles, composite materials, polyurethane leather.
Resin, polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex), polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane sealant, polyurethane packaging system, polyurea, polyurethane coating
(solvent based polyurethane coating, solvent-free polyurethane coating, water-based polyurethane coating, polyurethane paint) and other specific polyurethane products, etc
■ polyurethane equipment: polyurethane high (low) pressure filling foaming machine, horizontal continuous foaming equipment, spraying foaming machine, sponge cutting mechanical facilities, re
Raw sponge mechanical facilities, polyurethane mold, continuous sandwich board production line, mixing facilities, etc
■ research and development of new products, new technologies, new processes and new applications;
Conference: the exhibition will hold a one - day meeting at the same time, inviting technical experts from polyurethane industry in the world to discuss the application and development of polyurethane in elastomers, elastic foam, rigid foam, automobile, furniture and bedding, footwear, construction and insulation.
Training Seminar: during the same period, two days of training courses will be held. The top world class polyurethane experts will focus on rigid foam, soft foam, paint and so on to reduce the design cost and troubleshooting the polyurethane system.
 CEO dinner in global polyurethane industry: provide a dinner for senior managers from all over the world on the first night of the exhibition; polyurethane Research Institute: focus on reading the research progress from universities and research institutions


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