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2020 Shenzhen International Fishery Expo
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2020/11/19 - 11/21 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Intersection of Fuhua third road and Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:All China Federation of industry and Commerce Water Industry Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Fisheries Industry Association
Organizer:Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen is a beautiful and economically developed city at the southern end of the mainland of China, bordering Hong Kong. It has 8 high-quality ports and a wide range of transportation. It can radiate from Shenzhen to the mainland of China, or from Shenzhen or Hong Kong's International Airport to major cities around the world.

Shenzhen is an important international air sea hub and foreign trade port. Apart from Hong Kong, the international metropolis, the vast sea area connects the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Shenzhen has become an important aquatic product production and marketing place in South China. The coastal areas of Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Southeast Asia, Australia and other overseas aquatic products gather here. Customers radiate to South China, even the whole country, and even re export to Hong Kong. Shenzhen has become an important aquatic product supply base in South China.

Here, we send a formal invitation to all kinds of aquatic products companies. With the help of the trade platform of Shenzhen International Fishery Expo 2019, we will jointly display all kinds of innovative products of seafood ingredients. Together with you, Shenzhen fishery Expo will keep pace with the development of the industry, grow together with exhibitors, become more stable, and look forward to more success in the future. Shenzhen fish Expo is working with excellent suppliers to create an influential international seafood industry event in South China. Shenzhen International Seafood exhibition is a high quality seafood exhibition you can't miss!

[exhibition review]

Adhering to the professional and dedicated service concept, Shenzhen fisheries Expo has repeatedly achieved new heights in exhibition scale, specifications, number of exhibitors, number of visitors and number of on-site contracts. In 2019, the exhibition scale is nearly 10000 square meters, 438 exhibitors, 26960 visitors, and the total number of signed orders has broken through: 120 million yuan, and the number of intended signed orders has reached 390 million yuan. Since the establishment of the exhibition, it has provided high-quality docking services for China's catering industry in the direction of setting up industry benchmarks and promoting industry development. The exhibitors include: Shenzhen haishili, guangxinglong food, Dalian yushengyuan, Zhanjiang Guolian, laoyinjia sea cucumber, Guangdong Yuhang, Qingdao haifukang, Dalian yushengyuan sea cucumber, Deyuan * * supply chain, haitiancheng fishery, Shenzhen nanyinyang, Guangdong Many well-known domestic aquatic enterprises, such as Yum Qianxian, Shenzhen haishitong, Ningde Fulin aquatic products, Fujian Miyu Island, hongyunda deep sea * *, Shanghai wanyang aquatic products, Shuiwan pelagic fishery, Southern Ocean, Shenzhen haiyuanhui, have signed up to participate. Exhibitors from other provinces and cities will become the main force of the exhibition, which is bound to attract the attention of peers at home and abroad and greatly gather the popularity of the exhibition.

It is estimated that in 2020, the number of exhibitors in Shenzhen fisheries exhibition will reach 600


◇ all kinds of aquatic products

Deep processing aquatic products, conditioning food and ready to eat seafood

◇ processing, packaging, preservation technology and equipment

Breeding technology and equipment

◇ aquatic feed and medicine

◇ fishing tools and techniques

Costs & Precautions


Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

Overseas enterprises

Standard booth


Twelve thousandelement/individual

Three thousand and five hundreddollar/individual

Indoor vacant lot

36mTo order

1200 yuan/m²

Three hundred and fiftydollar/m²


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