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The 9th Liman China pig raising conference and pig raising industry expo in 2020
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2020/11/12 - 11/14 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wuhan · Hubei Wuhan International Expo Center No.619 Parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Sponsor:University of Minnesota
Organizer:World trust Trump International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd
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In 1985, Dr. Allen D. Leman, director of the animal medicine continuing education program of the University of Minnesota veterinary college, set up a platform for unbiased sharing of knowledge and experience -- the Liman pig raising conference. The conference is dedicated to providing scientific solutions to the complex challenges facing the pig industry. Li man conference entered China in 2012, setting off a wave of pig industry learning, and has been successfully held for eight times.

The last Liman conference, with 5237 participants, is currently the largest pig industry event in Asia and is rated as "one of the most valuable conferences in pig industry". The conference attracted the in-depth participation of leading enterprises in the industry, such as bringer Ingelheim, shuotang China, baigaoweisheng, Youben vaccine, Lilan mobile protection, plesco biology, Shengtai, etc., and was strongly supported by muyuan group, Wynn group, Shuanghui development, etc.

The 9th Liman China pig raising conference will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center for the first time on November 12-14, 2020. The conference will continue to invite authoritative pig raising experts from the United States, China and Europe to give lectures, bring advanced scientific solutions to the world pig raising industry for the participants, and share the biosafety, disease prevention and control, diagnosis and detection, pig farm rehabilitation, pig breeding and production management technologies International information and research achievements in technology and application, pig nutrition and feed production, pig breeding, pig market and economic analysis.


Image exhibition of large pig breeding enterprises and meat processing enterprises
Veterinary medicine, animal health medicine, vaccine, raw materials of Veterinary Medicine
Feed and feed raw materials, additives, feed processing technology and equipment
High quality pork, meat products, fresh cut meat, ecological organic meat food
Veterinary equipment, disease monitoring equipment, etc
Imported breeding pig, national protected pig, artificial insemination equipment and consumables, genetic breeding technology and equipment
Large scale pig production technology and equipment
Pig farm design and engineering construction, feeding, drinking water, ventilation, temperature control and environmental control equipment, cleaning equipment
Fecal sewage treatment technology and equipment, harmless treatment equipment for dead pigs
Meat slaughtering, processing, preservation, storage and transportation equipment
Pig farm information, pig breeding technical data, books and magazines
Pig training, education and technical services

Costs & Precautions

A1 sponsored / large enterprise area, A2 animal protection area, A3 international / feed / Breeding exhibition area, A4 environmental protection / washing / comprehensive area, a5-a6 equipment area and other four exhibition areas, and charged according to the color block, as follows:

Red area: 1500 yuan / square meter of bare land, 15000 yuan / standard booth

Yellow area: 980 yuan / square meter of bare land, 9800 yuan / standard booth

Blue area: 680 yuan / square meter of bare land, 6800 yuan / standard booth

International Enterprises: 250 US dollars per square meter of Guangdi, 2500 US dollars per standard booth

Note: 1. Add 10% to the corner sign booth; 2. Every 9 square meters in the red and yellow areas will be given a free place to attend the conference, and no place will be given in the blue area (including the two-tier comprehensive exhibition area); 3. The registration fee for exhibitors can enjoy a 10% discount of the current fee.

Advertising expenses


Sealing 2

First door

Third cover

Back cover

Color inner page

Black and white pages

30 thousand yuan / piece.

 Twoten thousandYuan

  Twoten thousandelement

 Twoten thousandelement

 Fiveten thousandelement

Oneten thousandYuan / Edition

Zero point fiveten thousandYuan / Edition

The measure of area: 21000m2


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